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3 Day Diet FAQ (Military Diet)

3 Day Diet Frequent Asked Questions


How Long Do I Stay On the Military Diet For?

The Military Diet is based around three days spent dieting, with the remaining four days left free to eat a more standard diet. How many weeks you spend on the Military Diet depends on your weight loss goals, as you can continue with as many weeks as necessary. (The Military Diet Review)


How much Weight Can I Expect to Lose in That Time?

During the three day diet period of the Military Diet, you can expect to lose as much as ten pounds in single week! This will of course vary from each individual, and the amount of effort you put into the diet will determine how much (or how little) weight you will lose.


Can I Still Drink Coffee?

One of the most common questions regarding the Military Diet is whether you need to give up coffee during the dieting period. It is understandable considering how many people enjoy a cup or two of coffee throughout the day, and getting withdrawals from coffee will certainly make dieting that bit more difficult!

But coffee is fine to drink during the Military Diet – just no cream or sugar, straight up black or nothing else! In fact the diet plan does recommend coffee to help boost the metabolism, but if you are enjoying a cup without it being stated on the plan, just be sure to include these calories as part of your plan, as a cup contains about 5 calories. (3 Day Diet)


How Many Calories Do I Consume During the Military Diet?

It varies between each day, but it will be significantly lower than what you normally eat. Collectively over the three days, you will eat around 3600 calories, with different amounts for each day. The first day is close to 1200, the second 1400, with the final day being closer to 1000 calories.

These can be slightly different depending on where you buy your food from and if you are making any substitutes.


How Many Calories Do I Consume on the Four Days Off?

It is recommended that you eat no more than 1500 calories during the days off from the diet plan. This is still less than normal, and while it is fine to eat more, it will affect how much weight you successfully lose. (Military Diet)


Should I Be Exercising During the Military Diet?

Exercising will help to speed up your weight loss process, but you may feel you are lacking in energy during your dieting days. Less strenuous exercise is advised for these reasons, so walking or jogging can be a good idea.

It is also recommended that you avoid doing too much exercise during the three days of dieting, and instead save it for your four days off from the diet plan.


Is the Military Diet Suitable for Men?

Absolutely! The Military Diet is perfectly fine for males as well as females – the only change you will need to make is to add 100 calories to your allocated daily amounts.

How Should I Cook the Food?

Vegetables consumed during this diet should either be boiled or steamed when cooking, but you can also eat them raw if you prefer. As for the meat, either baking or grilling is advised.


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