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310 Shake Review

Here Is All You Need To Know About the 310 Nutrition Shake

My 310Shake Review

310 Shake is a meal replacement that offers weight loss through a tri-plex protein profile.310 Protein Shake
It is one of the most unique options for those looking to stay fit as it has no fillers, zero soy protein and absolutely no chemical additives. For a start, these are very good characteristics, but this is not just another review that informs on the obvious. We have decided to look deeper into this product to see whether it is really worth your money.


The ingredients consist of several nutrients and vitamins. Each serving contains 90 calories, which is a lot less than most of the other options in the market. The best part? The product is completely fat free!


One scoop of a 310 shake which is about 24.5grammes contains 15g of protein, zero fat, 5g fiber and about 8g carbohydrates. The same amount also has 5mg cholesterol, 125mg sodium and 25mg potassium.

The importance of minerals found in 310 Shake

– Calcium strengthens bones and helps with nerve responses.
– Vitamin A is great for improving eyesight.
– Vitamin B helps in proper muscle function.
– Magnesium helps with a healthy kidney and heart.
– Riboflavin enables the body to burn fat.
– Pantothenic Acid converts food into energy.
– Iron is great for energy and good function in the body.

How does it taste? (310Shake flavors and consistency)

The shakes are currently offered in four flavors:
Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and mocha.

In our effort to give you an all round review, we had to see what the consumers are saying and unfortunately many are complaining about the taste. The manufacturers of these protein shakes opted for a healthier option by reducing some of the sugar amount, compromising on taste. This does not seem to go well with most of their customers thus an enormous amount of negative reviews.


310Shake flavors


The shake is thick and mixes well with beverages. It does not help much with the taste but it sure does make consuming a bit easier and more enjoyable. Most consumers blend the shake with almond or coconut milk, fruits and vegetables. If you choose to give the product a try, we would recommend doing the same, as it helps improve on the bland taste.


310Shake PROS

-100% fat and sugar free, therefore great for those who opt for low fat/ sugar diets.
– It suppresses hunger for up to 4 hours. This is enabled by the tri-plex protein profile which ensures that the person stays energetic and burns more fat without getting hungry.
– The protein content is high, which is great for muscle building and functioning.
– The calories contained in one serving are very low.

310Shake CONS

– The taste is a bit of a put off.
– Among all the protein shakes reviewed, 310Shake is one of the most expensive.


Watch this quick video about the 310 Shake:


Where can I buy 310Shake?

We recommend buying it from the official 310 product page. You can also uy the product from Amazon, with our special code that gives you a discount.

One bag which is 28 servings will cost you $68.
Standard shipping costs about $7.99 but if you opt for a 3 day rush it will take about $15.

Final verdict

310Shake is a great meal supplement protein shake. Apart from the taste that changed and had consumers complaining, most seem to be happy with the way it works at keeping them fit.
They have great customer service, which makes things a lot easier. The fact that it has no chemicals whatsoever ensures that you will have nothing to risk by trying the product!
The taste can always be taken care of by using frozen fruits or whatever takes your fancy, just be careful not to mix it with something that piles up on calories!

310Shake Nutrition Facts


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310Shake Review
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