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4 Key Reasons Why People Can’t Lose Weight

Discover key reasons why people can't lose weight

We all know that two things that lead to over-weight are over-eating and over-drinking. And we all know that over-weight gives us back fat, love handles and tubby tummies, making our clothes too tight. But do you know why you can’t lose weight?

  • Your Body’s Power House: The Liver

Your body’s main powerhouse is the live. Here is where enzymes are produced, sugar is balanced fat is converted into energy. So when it is overworked, it can’t keep up. When it can’t keep up, your metabolism slows down.

Help your live to work smarter, not harder and start with a mini tune-up.  Start by ridding you body of chemicals you have consumed unintentionally, like medications. You can do this by eating foods that contain sulfur compounds like broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, garlic, kale and onions.

  • Stop Hunger and Encourage The Leptin

Leptin is a hormone that is secreted by fat and tells your brain when you’re full. Sometimes though, it develops resistance and your body never feels full.  Science is still trying to figure this hormone out as well as ghrelin, its counterpart. What they have learned so far is that the body naturally increases leptin when we get a good night’s sleep. For most of us, eight hours is that magic number. So get to bed early and let that hormone do its thing.

  • The Body’s Internal Thermostat: Set point theory

Your body’s internal thermostat is the set point theory that tells it how much weight it should keep. Conferring to this theory, the matter of internal control are body fat percentage and body weight, which is different for everyone and your internal thermostat is what keeps your weight where it is.

So when you’re trying to lose weight, you may hit a plateau. That’s okay. Let it sit there for a while, like 6 months, then set a lower weight goal and get to work at it again.

  • Stress, anxiety, depression

We all do emotional eating from time to time. We are impacted daily by stress which affects our cortisol levels which influences how our body use our insulin. That flabby belly is frequently indicating our body resisting the insulin due to long periods of high cortisol levels.

Become aware of what is depressing or stressing you and how you are comforting that stress. Once you have done that, do something about that depression or stress. It may be reaching out to friends for support, or take up a new activity like medication, a sport or yoga. Or find a hobby to keep your hands busy like crosswork, puzzles or sewing. If they hands are busy, they won’t be able to put food in your mouth without thinking about it.



Co-Founder and CEO of 4HealthResults.com, Alex Paim is also a serial entrepreneur with focus on health and well being.


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