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7 key secrets to speed up weight loss (only for men)

7 key secrets to speed up weight loss only for men

Men, we know you want to be macho and masculine, but that flabby ab gotta go dude!  Summer is here and the gals don’t want to see fab on you any more than you do them.

So here are some tips that will help you slim and trim it quick

Be Mindful What You’re Eating

You would think this is just common sense, but yet, we don’t do it. If you get a bowl of chips instead of just eating out of the bag, that’s great. But how about snacking on pistachios in shells, olives or oranges instead?  And we’re talking about pistachios you have to shell, olives you have to remove the pit and oranges you have to peel .When you have to “work” at your snack, you’ll burn calories and probably lose interest in eating them too.

Get Cracking

It has been shown in recent research that people who eat eggs in the morning will lose over 60% more weight than those who don’t. Crack a couple of eggs and make an omelette with cheese. Get you calcium and protein for the day right up front. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day – don’t skip out on it.

Get Fruity

Inside your body, there is GLP-1, a hormone that has been found to turn off the hunger line to your brain. That hormone is found in apples. Eat an apple before lunch or dinner and you’ll eat up to 15% fewer calories.

Go Girly

Instead of a sweet treat in the afternoons, try a fruity brew instead. At 3pm, our blood sugar drops and that is when we get the temptation of the candy machine. A fruit tea has a lot less calories than that chocolate bar.

Dair Does The Body Good – Really!

After workout, grab a protein shake and you take in only 82 calories while you repair your muscles.  Pick up some Greek yogurt next time you’re at the store. It is a low-calorie dairy that is full of protein and will control your hunger with a limited release of the hormone calcitrol.

You Don’t Have To Think

Believe it or not guys, you can cut calories without thinking simply by eating sushi instead of sarnie. And if sushi just isn’t your thing, try some Edamame, pumpkin korroke or salmon nigari. These are delicious, filling and low cal!

Get Sweet

One of the best calorie burning things you can consume is sweet peppers. They contain capsinoids, known to burn fat and can be added to any dish.

Co-Founder and CEO of 4HealthResults.com, Alex Paim is also a serial entrepreneur with focus on health and well being.


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