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CBD Hemp Oil | A Complete Review

Complete review of the CBD Oil

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol; it is a compound that comes with an array of health benefits. The compound is mainly available as CBD oil and there are numerous products that contain it.

What Exactly is CBD Oil and Why Is It Important?

Cannabidiol is actually a compound or constituent of cannabis. This element however is not responsible for making people feel ‘high’, to the contrary, the element has been found to have a wealth of medical merits. CBD can be derived from cannabis but this is not the only source. It has been found that many marijuana varieties have a lower concentration of this compound.

The hemp plant is a great alternative for CBD. It is not just rich in cannabidiol; but is also comes with a variety of benefits. Among them is the fact that it is environmentally friendly and rich in a host of other essential nutrients.


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The Benefits of CBD Oil or Hemp Oil

What is CBD OilConsumers of CBD oil use this compound because of the many health benefits as hinted to above. Overwhelming research has now shown that this is somewhat of a wonder-compound that relieves many conditions as follows. Seizures, pain, anxiety psychosis and inflammation can all be treated by using an ideal dosage of this oil. To this end, this oil can treat condition like arthritis, depression, epilepsy, diabetes, alcoholism among many other conditions.

Research to determine how CBD influences cancer is underway and scientists say there is a good chance that this compound has some cancer-healing properties in this regard. The numerous nutrients and health promoting properties are responsible for all the merits.

This oil is also an effective application when it comes to skin care and beauty. To this end, there are many products to take care of your skin and hair in an effective and natural way in the market. In fact, CBD oil skin care products are marketed as some of the purest with the most effective results. When it comes to problems like dry scaly skin or dandruff; this oil is an effective natural moisturizer that will feed the skin and leave it visible supple and healthy.


Where To Begin When Considering Buying a CBD Oil Product

If you are new to CBD, it can be very confusing when you do not know where to begin. However, you are in luck because this article will guide you step by step in this respect.

Keep in mind that there are numerous brands in the market that sell CBD or hemp oil products, but only a few have the high standards when it comes to quality.

You must consider quality and effectiveness as the first elements towards purchasing an ideal product that will work for you. Below are the top questions that you must ask yourself even before you perform an online or offline search for a product.

First, know the concentration of CBD oil that will be suitable for your medical condition. If you do not have a medical condition, know why you want to take this product; it is an excellent preventative regimen for better health. A health care provider can help you judge what you need based on your current health status. If you are not sure, start with a lower concentration and see how well it works to improve your health.

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The other thing to consider is whether you want a product that is flavored or not. Many varieties will give you options when it comes to tastes; if you want a pure product, a non flavored variety is ideal.

Where will you be using the product?
Some people use CBD oil at home or on the go; or both.

Finally, do you want a cheaper product or one that has a higher strength?
These are questions that you must answer if you want to access the most suitable product to cater to your needs. Remember, buying based on speculation can put your health at risk and to this end, this article sheds more light to avoid common pitfalls. Below is a highlight of several top-rated CBD or hemp oil products that you can consider.



Plus CBD Oil – CBD Spray Tincture 100mg

This product by Plus CBD is popular with consumers because of its ease of use and convenience therein. This oil tincture is also more potent than the earlier versions, making it more effective.

Plus CBD is not just a trusted company, but it is well known in the industry for providing quality products. This tincture is an improvement of their dropper version that was already in the market.

The amount of CBD oil per serving is 1.25mg, and it is worth noting that the quality is premium and strong. It is used by spraying on your tongue twice daily and this will give you an instant calming effect to go on with your day.

Please note that this product does not contain psychoactive elements; it is purely CBD oil in terms of active ingredients. The product is widely available and an online search will reveal a lot to your delight.


Flavors to choose from

For those who like their product pure, there is an unflavored version. If you prefer to have your product with a hint of taste, you can choose from vanilla and peppermint. Users will be happy to know that this product does not use any genetical modifications.

The product is not just legal in the US but in 40 other countries as well. The product can be purchased without any prescription from a doctor. There are no major side effects reported according to user reviews.


The benefits

There are so many benefits to talk about but the list below is a highlight of a few.

  • The product is effective when it comes to soothing the senses and overall, it improves health.
  • There are no side effects to expect. In fact, many people who have used this product usually do not have any ill side effects to talk about.
  • The CBD oil is extracted from industrial hemp which is an excellent source.
  • The spray form is easy to use and allows for precise dosage.
  • You get a strong concentration of pure CBD in 100mg .
  • The product is all natural and ideal for vegan and kosher users. In addition, the product and ingredients therein are gluten-free.

How To Use It?

This product is used on the tongue and two pumps are enough as alluded to earlier. To enjoy the best results, it is pivotal to use this spray for at least two weeks. Proper storage and keeping away from direct light and heat is key. Keep this product away from humidity as well. In so doing, you will be preserving the freshness of the elements.


RSHO by HempMeds

There are so many brands of CBD and hemp oil in the market; but the Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO) products are hands down the best in the market. This high quality hemp oil has received excellent reviews world over to the delight of many users. The product is by HempMeds, which is a US company that is involved in creating excellent health solutions to consumers. From foods to cosmetics and supplements, this company has a wide range of products. Below is a review of the Real Scientific Hemp Oil products.


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There are three main products that include:

  • RSHO – Blue Label
  • RSHO – Gold Label
  • RSHO Hemp CBD Oil – Raw Label


a) RSHO Hemp CBD Oil – Raw Label

This is a very pure product that is derived from the plant just by juicing it. It is extracted from the stalk of the hemp plant and pressed directly and in this regard, there is no decarboxylation involved. This product is made in the highest quality with ideal certification in place. Safety and effectiveness are therefore guaranteed to the user and this reassurance is a good thing for every person who is new to the world of CBD oil.

How to use this product

It is important to follow the usage directive to the letter to get the most out of the product. Upon opening the product, refrigerate so that you can get a fresh effect every time you use. Humidity, light and heat are not suitable for preservation. Those who are pregnant or lactating should avoid using this product.

In general, it is important to seek the advice of a healthcare provider before using the RSHO Raw label product. Start by squeezing the product into your finger and putting it into your mouth. Hold for about a minute under your tongue, and then turn your tongue around so that the whole mouth can feel the taste before swallowing.

This product should be used twice daily and each time, use 0.5 grams. Many will be happy to know that this product can be used together with other foods and drinks. For example, you can add this product to your oatmeal or any other food. However, note that RSHO is not water soluble. There are many benefits to look forward to when you use this product as highlighted below.

  • You enjoy a peaceful calming effect.
  • There are many health benefits improving wellness thanks to other nutrients therein.
  • You get rid of anxiety and aches that are bothering you.
  • There are no side effects to look out for; you enjoy natural wellness without having to worry.
  • Get a pure high CBD concentration without any hassle

b) RSHO Hemp CBD Oil – Blue Label

This Blue Label oil is different from the raw version. The main difference is the fact that it has been decarboxylated and this is after being pressed from the mature stalk of the hemp plant. Decarboxylation is important and beneficial for it is able to ensure that the hemp oil wholesomeness activity is boosted. To this end, you can look forward to even better effectiveness when using this product.

This pure product has been derived from hemp plants that have been grown organically. There are no additions of herbicides, fertilizers or even pesticides. The ingredients are compliant with all the US regulations that ensure a top notch quality product for the best CBD hemp oil.

This product should be used just as the raw label product to attain maximum benefits. In addition, you can enjoy all the merits in a somewhat enhanced manner. To make it easy for buyers, this product is available in a blue color applicator, while the raw version will be found in a green applicator.

Just as the other products in this line, there are excellent customer CBD oil reviews that confirm the efficacy and high quality of the product. This CBD oil product will not only help you attain natural wellness but it will boost your well being for a better you.


c) RSHO Hemp CBD Oil – Gold Label

This version goes through an interesting process to attain its golden color as well as its refined taste. After it is pressed from a mature stalk, all the carbon dioxide is extracted and that is not the end. Most of the waxes and plant materials are removed including chlorophyll to attain the end result.

This filtered oral applicator also prides itself in giving users ideal CBD oil results as desired. Again, it is made organically without the use of any harmful chemicals that spoil the quality of the CBD hemp oil. It passes both EU and US requirements to deliver the best quality to the consumer.

There are no complications when it comes to usage; consumers can take it just like the raw and blue label hemp oils.




There are good reasons why RSHO CBD oil is popular in the market. The product prides itself in having all the 10 major amino acids. The hemp plant has also been found to contain all essential fatty acids. As if this is not enough, the product has vital minerals among them sulfur, magnesium, potassium and zinc. All major vitamins are also contained therein.

In essence, this product is one of the most effective health foods that can be used by anyone. Therefore, starting with RSHO by HempMeds is ideal if you are looking for both quality and value for money. Go through the different RSHO products and see what suits you best.

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