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Garcinia Cambogia Review

Garcinia Cambogia

What Is The Garcinia Cambogia?

The Garcinia cambogia fruit was once seen as the less popular cousin of mangosteen, the trendy fruit. However, today there are several nutritional supplements containing this extract thanks to their purported ability to stop weight gain and curb appetite.

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The scientific name of garcinia cambogia is Garcinia gummi-guta. However, there are still some people who know it by its other familiar name, HCA (Hydroxy Citric Acid). HCA is an ingredient found in garcinia cambogia. It is the active ingredient in this extract when it comes to losing weight.

The gambooge fruit, commonly known as the Malabar tamarind, grows across in southwest India, Indonesia and Myanmar. The fruit ripens to a yellowish or red fruit which is about the size of an orange but it resembles the shape of pumpkins.

In Asia, this fruit was used in providing stomach relief and also as an active ingredient in chutneys and curries. Adding this fruit to the traditional dishes was believed to make food more filling. Just like its present day use, the fruit was also used in curbing appetite which goes on to prove that its weight loss capabilities were not recently discovered. Garcinia Cambogia extract was also used tin curing fish and for several preservation purposes.

Active Ingredients in Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia supplements are among the most sought after supplements for weight loss. The fruit extract contains some great weight loss ingredients.

Just like other weight loss supplements, you need to find out the ingredients that are contained in this product. All products usually come with their own fair share of risks. As a result, it is always important to review the ingredients that are contained in the extract.

There are 4 main ingredients that you’re bound to come across in the Garcinia supplements.

These are:

  • Hydroxycitric acid
  • Chromium
  • Potassium
  • Calcium

Hydroxycitric acid is the major ingredient in all Garcinia supplements. HCA accounts for 50 to 60 percent of the product. It is an active ingredient that’s said to have powerful weight loss properties since it inhibits the processes of converting carbohydrates and sugar into fat. HCA halts formation of new fat cells.

Potassium is another ingredient that you’ll find in the Garcinia products. The ingredient helps in weight loss programs by converting the food into energy, developing muscles and boosting metabolism. Most Garcinia supplements are fortified with the potassium to help in enhancing some of the body functions.

Chromium, a trace mineral, is termed as a fat-loss gate keeper. This ingredient plays an important role in improving the action of insulin in the body.

Lastly, there’s calcium. Studies have shown that low calcium levels spur weight gain. As a result, this ingredient ensures that your body has adequate levels of calcium.


There are two main ways that garcinia cambogia extract works to help in weight loss.

1. The first thing which this extract does is suppressing appetite. For a person who wants to lose weight, this is very beneficial in two ways: they will eat less and since they are eating less food yet they still have to continue supplying the body with energy, they will be aiding their bodies to break down the fat cells.

2. The second way in which garcinia cambogia works is through blocking an enzyme known as citrate lyase. This is an enzyme that’s responsible for converting the carbohydrates to sugars and fats. This simply means that any fat that’s consumed will never get to make it to the body cells but it is rather excreted together with the rest of the wastes. This happens to be a very effective way of losing weight as you could lose several pounds within a month.

The immediate question which comes up is whether there’s any scientific backing to the above claims. Indeed there is. The Garcinia extract contains HCA which has proven to be effective in reducing appetite and stopping the absorption of fats from food.

Garcinia Cambogia Cream

It is a pure herbal gel that naturally helps in taking off inches safely without pills or dieting. This is achieved by combining the advanced and powerful slimming elements from Garcinia Cambogia and Capsaicin alongside other helpful ingredients. This special garcinia cambogia cream helps to melt away fats, reshape the body and reduce cellulite.

How To Use Garcinia Cambogia

The most effective and safest brands of the garcinia cambogia should contain at least 50 percent hydroxycitric acid (HCA). You should look for brands which are FDA approved. Avoid brands which come from China since most of them have proved to have harmful side effects. The good brands usually make pills of either 1,000 or 500mg. The best time to take these pills is between 30 to 50 minutes before meals. They should also be taken three times a day. Every pill should be taken with a lot of water.

In case you want to take the extract in liquid form, you have to use droppers. Just place a minimum of 20 drops under the tongue for about 10 minutes before eating. For most effective results, you ought to wait for at least 10 to 15 minutes before eating anything.

You must ensure that you do not take more than 3,000 mg per day. It could be lethal in case you take an excess of 5,000 mg. Regardless of how much weight you would want to lose, just ensure that you stay at recommended levels.

Is Garcinia Cambogia Safe?

Garcinia cambogia is a safe product and people can safely eat this fruit. Furthermore, there are several clinical trials that have shown it is safe to take this extract by mouth for at least 12 weeks. However, you should take caution since Garcinia cambogia has its own side effects as shown below.

What Are The Side Effects?

Below are the main side effects that mostly occur with this extract:

1. People have reported stomach upsets and headaches whenever they take this extract.

2. Some people usually talk of skin rashes that develop a few days after taking the product.

3. Some individuals have also reported fatty stools. However, this doesn’t require medical attention but the notion about it is just uncomfortable for some.

All the above side effects usually seem to come from one thing: the type of garcinia cambogia that they have consumed.

For it to lack any side effects or be effective, the extract has to have its ingredients combined in the right way: 50 percent hydroxycitric acid, no binders, no fillers, no artificial ingredients and it should be taken at a recommended dosage of 100Mg.

Some people have also complained that they usually become sleepless after taking garcinia cambogia. There’s a good reason for this and the cure is extremely simple: taking part in exercises.

When you take the garcinia cambogia supplement, your body starts breaking down whatever is stored inside since the body isn’t getting the energy from usual channels. Furthermore, it helps in serotonin production, a hormone keeps you happy and feeling sated as well.

When your body breaks down the fats into energy and you do not use it up, the end result is that whenever it comes to the time to sleep, the body is still charged a lot to go to sleep naturally.

This effect together with the slight feeling of happiness is what keeps someone awake. The perfect solution to this problem is to engage in exercise so as to use up the extra energy.

Due to the rapid loss of weight that is initiated, most medical specialist recommends that you take this supplement for not more than twelve weeks. In case you do so, then you’re at a high risk of getting rid of the basic fats that the body needs for different kinds of body functions. This could result into a host of other health problems.

Who Should NOT Be Taking it?

Certainly, there is no testing that has been done on the pregnant women. As a result, regardless of the weight that you will gain during pregnancy, don’t take the garcinia extract because there’s no person who knows how the fetus will react to it. Similarly, it’s also not recommended when you’re breast feeding because its effect on the babies hasn’t been determined yet.

The other group of individuals who shouldn’t take the extract is those with heart related problems. Since garcinia cambogia increases the metabolism process, there’s an increase in the heart rate. A weaker heart might not be capable of withstanding this increase. Individuals who use blood thinners are also advised against using it.

As you have seen, this weight loss extract is very safe for an average person who wants to lose that extra weight. In case you have had doubts, you now have the entire story; provided that you buy a legitimate brand and then take the recommended dosages, you should then have no problems whatsoever.

However, garcinia cambogia might interact badly with:

Allergy and Asthma medicines such as Singulair and Accolate
Diabetes medicines, including insulin and pillsIron, for individuals suffering from anemia
Pain medicinesPrescriptions for the psychiatric conditions
Statins, the drugs that usually lower cholesterol levels
Warfarin, which is a blood thinner.

Does Garcinia Cambogia Work?

Even though the garcinia cambogia extract has boasted as a very powerful weight-loss supplement, there are simply no scientific researches that support this claim at all. There are no documented clinical studies which prove that the elements in the diet product are very effective for weight reduction and fat loss.

In addition, there are a wide range of complaints coming from customers concerning the harmful side effects. For those people who are interested in cutting the excess body fat and also slimming down faster, I would suggest that you go with weight-loss supplements that have been backed by the real clinical studies and not fad ingredients, and they do not also cause any harmful side effects

How To Purchase Garcinia Cambogia?

There are numerous Garcinia Cambogia products that are available on the market today. As a result, before you making any order, you’re advised to ensure that the products are manufactured in labs that are duly approved and certified by the FDA.

Nevertheless, there’s no shortage of the Garcinia products. Many of the garcinia products are produced in the foreign countries and they might not have the correct mix of the product ingredients. As such, you must ensure that the Garcinia supplements that you order should shave nothing less than 50 percent HCA. In addition, ensure that that they don’t contain sugars or artificial ingredients.

You can always order for the supplements in 2 two ways:

In selected storesGarcinia Cambogia can always be bought online and even in selected stores. However, after carefully testing and selecting all Garcinia products that are currently available in the market, it has been proven that selecting 100 percent pure product requires several testing in the lab.
WHAT TO LOOK FOR BEFORE ORDERING FOR GARCINIA CAMBOGIABelow are some of the factors that you have to look for when ordering for garcinia cambogia:

The ingredients
HCA percentage
Country of production
The ingredients in garcinia cambogia should be mentioned in the label of the product and the ingredients should be as follows: potassium, calcium and HCA chromium. If any of the ingredients is missing, then do not buy the supplement.

As earlier mentioned, the percentage of HCA in the extract is highly important: these normally range between 50 percent and 60 percent. Anything less than 50 percent should always be avoided. You also have to look out for the artificial ingredients, fillers and binders.

Get a Garcinia Cambogia FREE SAMPLE

It is very important to understand well how the free bottle offer works before you decide to go and then get yourself in a very stressful situation. The trial period normally ranges between 14 an30 days, depending on the brand of the supplement and when the trial period comes to an end, you get charged.

To avoid getting yourself in bad situations, you should take down the company’s number when you place the order. Most people do not pay attention to this detail and when they wish to cancel their subscriptions, they do not know who to contact. As such, keep your eyes open and also try using the sample offers responsibly.


The research on garcinia cambogia suggests that it can actually provide helpful support to most dieter. In addition, it will assist them to achieve their goals by suppressing appetite and reducing fats.

Scientific studies have also demonstrated that it can lower cholesterol levels, protect your body from inflammation and also reduce inflammation.

Garcinia cambogia extract is completely safe to be used by any person. For individuals who are determined to shed off unwanted compounds, then garcinia cambogia is certainly worth considering.

FREE SAMPLE: Check the bottom of this post to see if we have a free sample available.


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