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Habits That Can Cause Wrinkles

Habits that can cause wrinkles

Sadly, there is one thing we can all be sure of in life – aging will lead to our skin developing wrinkles. It’s a fact we are all aware of but not everyone is concerned with due to the fact we have age a fair amount before our skin starts to show it. While there is no way to directly stop wrinkles developing, we can do a fair amount to slow down the process and make sure wrinkles are kept to a minimum.

The first place to start is to address those everyday habits that could be causing the acceleration of wrinkles in the skins.


A habit that many still take part in despite the monumental health hazards that come with it, smoking is truly terrible for you in so many ways. One if these are in the appearance of the skin, which can be aged immensely through regular smoking.

This is because blood flow to the surface of the skin is restricted by smoking. When this happens, oxygen and nutrients cannot reach the skin cells as efficiently as they could be, meaning the skin cannot fully regenerate itself, therefore, resulting in older appearing skin.

All the more reason to quit!

2Chewing Gum

Chewing gum doesn’t directly cause wrinkles due to certain ingredients, but rather the manner in which you chew it. When chewing on a piece of gum, the skin around the mouth is constantly moving, creating many shapes in the process.

Doing this frequently enough can lead to developing wrinkles around the moth, notably the downward turn at the corners.

Instead try some edible mints!


Now it may seem somewhat unfair to claim sleeping can cause wrinkles, but there is a shred of truth to it – only for those who sleep on the stomachs mind you!

The constant friction between your face and your pillow when sleeping on your belly can lead to many creases being formed in the face. As these creases become regular, they can eventually cause full-blown wrinkles over enough time.


Too much sugar is bad for us in a number of ways, such as our weight and our teeth, but it can also be problematic for the skin too.

Through the process of glycation, molecules can form in the blood that attack and damage collagen and elastin in the body – both of which help promote healthy skin.

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