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When there is a lot of chatter about a new health product in the market, you can be sure that we are already on the lookout to provide you with facts. IDLife products have caused quite a buzz lately, prompting us to conduct an extensive research to come up with an honest and unbiased review on these products.

What is IDLife?

The word IDLife means ‘Individually Designed Life.’ The company was founded in early 2014 by the CEO Logan Stout, who stated that this was a company that focuses onhow does idlife workhelping people design the lives that they dream of so they can reach their full potential as God intended.

The US Texas based company takes a totally different approach in the health and wellness sector. Honestly they have exceeded our expectations when it comes to health products since they have found a way to address individual needs. Instead of purchasing a bunch of expensive supplements that may not even be right for you, IDLife has a way of controlling this by examining you individually and creating a special package just for you. How does this work? Through their core product IDNutrition.


IDLife gives you a free and confidential online assessment that combines all your unique needs and gives a recommendation that is specific for you. Some of the things that are taken into consideration include your medical history and current prescriptions, dietary habits, allergies, stress levels, lifestyle habits, goals and even hereditary issues that you may have. Your answers are then processed through a database to come up with your unique recommendations.

idlife personlized nutrition

As stated on their website, the product is backed by verifiable nutritional science to provide the consumer with ample energy, general well-being, health and focus.

Let’s take a quick look at other IDLife products.

1IDLife Meal Replacement Shake

IDLife Shake

It is packed with nutrients from chia seeds, which are rich in fiber and healthy fatty acids. The light meal can be taken during the day and contains 23gms of whey protein with each serving. A pack has 28 servings and goes for $94.95.

2IDLife Sleep (strips)

IDLife Sleep Product

They support a well balanced body for restorative, restful sleep. They are mint flavored and easily melt in your mouth to release nutrients like melatonin and L-Theanine which are great for supporting the full sleep cycle. For $20.95 you would get yourself a pack of 10.

3IDLife Appetite

IDLife Appetite Product

They suppress your urge to eat high-calorie and sugary foods, thus helping in weight loss.


4IDLife Energy

IDLife Energy Product

They support mental focus and clarity so you do not have dull mornings or afternoons. A box of ten retails at $14.95.


5IDLife Hydrate

IDLife Hydrate Product

Helps with the normal functioning of the body by avoiding dehydration.


6IDLife Lean

IDLife Lean Product

Designed to boost metabolism, provide energy and assist in your efforts to lose weight naturally.


7IDLife Snack bars

IDLife Snack bar Product

They are nutritious bars that are organic, Gluten free and completely Non-GMO.


8IDLife Pre and Post Workout

IDLife Pre and Post Workout Products

They provide energy and mental focus for a rejuvenated body and mind.



IDLfe also offers a Skin care product line that we will be looking into it on another post.
As you can see, there are many options when it comes to the IDLife Skin Care.

IDLife Consumer Reviews

Most of the consumers are impressed with the products since they not only focus on health but on improving one’s life as a whole. Their product flavors also sit well with mostIDLife consumer product reviewsof the people, with many wishing they would roll out some flavor variations. I particularly enjoy the delicious low calorie appetite chews. 

With most consumers shying away from products that straight up shove the weight loss selling point down people’s throats, IDLife has most certainly attracted many by focussing on their consumers all-round health issues.

Where can I buy IDLife products?

Unfortunately you cannot get them from your local pharmacy or grocery store! You need to take the free online assessment on their official website to get your unique products through IDNutrition. Their products are only available through their known brand representatives, but you can do an online purchase by requesting for a member ID from one of your local representatives.

The best thing about these products is that they are customized to individual needs. Nutrition is not a glove that fits all. For the person that wants a product that caters for their specific health needs, then ID life is the right choice. The only con is perhaps the high price for some of their kits.


IDLife has most certainly done well by using over 7000 medical reports to assess a consumer and eventually come up with the right recommendations. This ensures that you are taking supplements that are suitable for your lifestyle, health and medical history. The fact that the products offer weight loss solutions while working on improving a person’s general well being is another great selling point. The products are definitely worth a try!

How to get a FREE SAMPLE of IDLife

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IDLife Reviews
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  1. There was something majorly missing regarding the distributton of ID Life. While it is preferred to get these great products through a reps website, many ID Life products are also sold at Whole Foods Markets. Now THAT’S saying something to be able to market through a chain of stores who have one of, if not THE toughest standards to get through. That shows the supreme quality of these products if they’re sold through Whole Foods Markets.


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