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Keto OS Diet Review

Keto OS Product

To begin a proper review about Keto OS, we will start by looking into the company that makes the product. We intend to answer some of the most asked questions around and about this product in this review.

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What is Pruvit?

Pruvit is the company behind Keto OS, a ketone supplement aimed at improving various aspects of Pruvit Logoyour health and wellbeing using the metabolic process of ketosis. The company has only been recently launched, so are still very much in their early stages, but they have a lot of confidence in their product.

Their supplements are available in various options on their website, where you can find lots of flashy videos displaying information about the products. They back a lot of what they say with science rather than just hearsay, and have clearly put a lot of time into their marketing campaign, which is very eye-catching.

Still, this doesn’t really tell that much about Pruvit Keto OS, so let’s take a more in-depth look.

Here are some of the most common Keto OS FAQs

What is Keto OS?

Keto OS, which stands for ‘Keto Operation System’ is then name given to the ketone supplement offered by Pruvit. The idea behind the supplement is that you can lose weight and improve your overall health by allowing your body to into ketosis, which is when our bodies burn fat for energy as opposed to carbs.

What is Keto OS Product

Using Keto OS can, therefore help with the weight loss process when incorporated as part of an overall healthy lifestyle, including diet and exercise. Normally we need to go on what is known as a ketone diet to achieve ketosis and its fat burning process.

Keto OS is a similar product to the Ketopia diet plan, where you consume similar supplements to achieve ketosis, rather than relying on a ketone diet and the side-effects that come with that.

How Does Keto OS Work?

Ketosis is the name given to the natural metabolic state our body can revert to in order to burn fat for energy. As we normally get our energy by converting carbohydrates into glucose, our bodies do not use the process of ketosis naturally. Keto OS Work Review

We can force our bodies into this state however, although it is normally achieved through a carb-restricted diet – also known as the keto diet. When our bodies are in ketosis and burning fat for energy as opposed to carbs, it can greatly aid in weight loss, and can also provide us with more energy as well as many other benefits.

Keto OS is a supplement that brings our bodies into a state of ketosis without the need for any special diet or fasting. By mixing the powdered of Keto OS with some water, you simply drink a serving each day to allow your body to increase its blood ketone level and enter ketosis.

In fact it can allow a person to reach ketosis in under an hour, meaning those wishing to take advantage of the benefits of ketosis without going on a strict diet can do so.



Is Keto OS Safe?

Yes! Keto OS allows our bodies to enter a natural metabolic state, so it is not tampering with our bodies in any way and is 100% safe. Anyone that suffers from a medical condition is always advised to seek out doctors’ advice when using any type of nutritional product, including Keto OS.

KETO OS Is It Safe to use itIt has been fully researched and tested, and is Doctor approved. In fact, there are actually many benefits to be gained from Keto OS, including increased energy, cognitive functioning, improving blood pressure levels and aiding with weight loss.

There can be some mild side-effects initially, but these quickly subside with regular use of Keto OS.

What Are the Keto OS Side Effects?

One of the most notable aspects of using a supplement such as Pruvit Keto OS is that it can lead diuretics, meaning that it will cause users to urinate more frequently. This is all Is there side effectspart of the natural process your body is going through during ketosis, as it is flushing out glycogen stores.

This can also lead to an increased loss of sodium, although Keto OS has targeted this side-effect by providing additional sodium in their formula.

Another possible side-effect is dealing with an increase is digestive distress. Again, this is a natural side-effect taking place in our bodies due to the fact there will be an increase in fat in our bodies when using Keto OS, as this is now the primary resource of fuel.

Basically our bodies will still be working out how to best burn ketones for a source of energy. Eventually it should adapt to this new diet, which will prevent any more digestive issues. This is why it is advised by Pruvit to take smaller servings initially so that your body can adjust more comfortably.

What Are the Keto OS ingredients?

The Keto OS ingredients are as follows:Keto OS Ingredient

Keto OS Results

Pruvit weight loss testimonies can be found on their website as well as through various blogs and other Keto OS reviews. Many of these will showcase Keto OS in ‘before and after’ photographs, and give a great example of the type of results gained from Keto OS

Keto OS Before and After

(*)Results may vary from person to person

Pruvit’s very own website is filled with positive Keto OS reviews and testimonials. These vary from everyday people from all walks of life, to professional athletes and medical professionals. They give in-depth reviews that aim to showcase how their lives have been positively impacted, although you won’t find any negative reviews there!

As with any nutritional supplement, you will be able to find various Keto OS reviews online – personal blogs, suppliers of supplements and even You Tube are great places to look for more impartial reviews.

Where Can I Buy Keto OS?

If you are looking where to buy Keto OS, you can mainly find it through the Pruvit website, although various online retailers will also be selling Keto OS products too, such as Amazon.

A great aspect about purchasing Keto OS from their website is that you can find deals and promotions regarding the product, such Smartship , where you sign up to receive automatic shipments of Keto OS every 30 days and get a discount on each order as a result.

The Refer-a-Friend program allows you to sign up as a Keto OS Promoter, so should you refer any friends to buy the product, you can gain discounts on the cost of Keto OS.

How Much Does Keto OS Cost?

There are currently six options available when it comes to Keto OS. You can purchase tubs that contain multiple servings that are known as Kan, or you can go for individually packaged servings that are known as OTG (on the go).

OTG packs are currently priced at:

15 Servings – $85
30 Servings – $160
You can also buy a combination of Keto OS that has both OTG and Kan servings
60 Servings (30 Kan and 30 OTG) – $300
Go Pack: 75 Servings (30 Kan and 45 OTG) – $389
Better Bundle: Mixed Pack (30 Kan, 30 Kan Caffeine-Free, 15 OTG, 15 OTG Caffeine-Free) – $497

As previously mentioned, you can save on the Keto OS cost by signing up for the Smartship plan or as a Promoter.

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Keto OS Review
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  1. Far as I can tell – this just does NOT work. Expensive, and the claim that it will put your body into ketosis in 59 minutes certainly can not be proven by me. I’ve been on it over a week, and no sign of ketosis – even though I’ve been on a low-carb diet for two weeks (the delivery of this predate was delayed by a week). I am so disappointed.

    • If you are not eating enough fat in your diet or taking in sugar then you won’t see that ketones are in your urine. This works, but you have to do a little research and follow the recommendations. Ketosis has been around for centuries and was first developed for people with seizure problems. If you have high sugar in your system it will take a bit longer. You didn’t put the weight on in a week, it takes a bit of time to work on it!

  2. I do keto the old fashioned way. This product makes me wonder. If this puts your body in ketosis while still eating carbs, what happens to the carbs? Your body is using fat for its energy source. What is happening to the carbs?

  3. I’m a non-believer (and I’ve tried it).

    Follow my logic:

    Step 1: A carb-restricted diet causes hormones to breadown
    fatty acids in stored fat cells.

    Step 2: The fatty acids get pushed to the liver where (by
    way of enzymes) they break down further into ketone bodies.

    Step 3: The ketone bodies jump into the blood and get pushed
    to various areas of the body that need it (energy).

    Step 4: All leftover (un-needed) ketone bodies are shoveled
    into your kidneys to be sent out of the body via your urine.

    Since KETO OS is ADDING ketones to the body (opposed to
    forcing the body to PRODUCE them), I think its fair to say that taking KETO OS
    starts you off in STEP 3. If that’s accurate, then STEP 1 & 2 have not
    occurred, which means the breakdown of fatty acids haven’t occurred. That would
    be PROBLEMATIC for those using this product in hopes of burning fat/forcing fat
    oxidation. However, a case could be made that using KETO OS long enough will
    trick the brain into become keto-adapted, where the brain decides it will
    switch its energy preference from glucose to ketones. I think this might be
    able to happen by the continuous presence of ketone bodies in the blood (i.e.
    the continuous use of KETO OS) Yet, I’m unsure if that’s the case.

    So, in my opinion, the follow is either true or likely:

    1. Taking KETO OS will NOT provide any immediate fat loss

    2. Taking KETO OS can provide energy during workouts.

    3. Fat loss benefits will only occur if the continuous
    presence of ketone bodies in the blood force the brain to become keto-adapted.
    Extended use (maybe weeks or months) of KETO OS may POSSIBLY trick the brain
    into become keto-adapted.

    4. KETO OS may suppress hunger, which may directly result in
    preventing additional weigh gain. This means you may stop from gaining more
    weight, but doesn’t mean you will lose your current weight.

    Is there anyone out there ready to use biochemistry to suggest that I’m wrong?


    • I agree with your comment, Umph. Your logic is sound, and I’d say you’re pretty correct on this. I think the main intent, which is not so blatantly stated, is this should be supplemented ALONG with a low-carb/ketogenic diet. I feel like the consumers think this miracle drink will allow them to continue eating how they are, while still losing weight in ketosis. That is just not possible at all.

      Your body may go into ketosis, but the second more than 15-20 net grams of (net)carbs are consumed, your body will kick itself out to burn up the carbs.

      I’m under the assumption that using this drink would help produce ketones while simultaneously forcing excess glycogen stores from your body, and following it with a low-carb diet. That’s the only way I could see it working the proper way. I feel that the very little amount of information on this product is not worth the expensive cost. Keto should take 2 weeks max to achieve, and if its not happening, a closer look into what is actually being consumed and how much of that should be re-evaluated and adjusted accordingly.

      The biggest thing I stress to people who express interest in starting the keto diet, is to read every single ingredient, and read the nutrition label of the foods they are about to eat. I had no idea carrots were so high in carbs, and because I was eating too many I never got to keto. I was baffled and confused until I started tracking every nutrient in every bite of food I put in my mouth. I concluded carrots were the culprit, and reducing the amount I ate helped me finally reach ketosis.

      These “miracle weight loss” products baffle me. Its so much easier and cheaper to do it the natural way. Plus, you learn how to have impeccable self-control!

  4. I do the keto diet by countin actual carbs and not net carbs and I don’t slowly add carbs back for months. I am going to try the diet with this too! See if I can lose more faster and then slowly add carbs back while using this.


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