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Ketopia Frequest Asked Questions

What is Ketopia?

Ketopia is the name given to a specially designed weight loss program. This program involves consuming three products that make up the Ketopia program, each of which aims to help the body enter the metabolic state of ketosis – where your body burns fat for energy as opposed to carbohydrates.

The diet program lasts for ten days, and you receive enough products to last each of these ten days. (Check our full Ketopia review)

What are the Products that come with Ketopia?

There are three products that come with the Ketopia program, and these are KetonX, FIXX, Dough Bites. You consume one of each every day for ten days during the program.

KetonX is a drink that helps to naturally bring about the state of ketosis in only a few hours. It would normally take days on a specific dieting to make this occur naturally.

Dough Bites are a type of cookie dough that has been specially designed to complement the KetonX in the Ketopia package, as well as to help control your appetite and provide your body with fiber and probiotics.

FIXX is a type of chocolate protein powder with added nutritional value, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and probiotics.

Is it Safe?

Yes! There are absolutely no risks to your health from going on the Ketopia program, as it is merely working within the abilities already present in your body. Ketosis is a metabolic state that is entirely natural, and we would in fact, be in this state had the diets of humans not developed so much over time.

Can I Expect Any Side Effects?

While there are no inherent side effects associated with Ketopia, some may feel slight bouts of headache and light-headedness, but this is due to our bodies readjusting to the fact that they are consuming far less sugar than normal.

For the most part, these effects will subside after a couple of days, once the body has acclimatized. (Find out more about Ketopia)

Should I Be Exercising?

As the diet plan hope to help lose weight by making our body’s burn away fat instead of sugars, which it can only be helped by following a healthy lifestyle. So you can only benefit from while using the Ketopia program, and it will help further their weight-loss achievements

What Will My Diet Consist Of?

The diet used with the Ketopia plan is very easy to follow and will be included with your purchase. It is based around eating well, consuming more fats and less carbs, as well as lean proteins. This doesn’t restrict how much you can eat, and when combined with the supplements provided with the Ketopia program.

What Happens If I Slip Up During the Program?

The KetonX supplement aims to promptly place your body into a state of ketosis without the need for such strenuous dieting, so even if you fall off the horse you can climb back on immediately and resume your plans.



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