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Ketopia Diet Review

A review with everything you need to know about the FGXpress Ketopia Diet Program.

Ketopia Program Review

In this article we will be looking at a weight loss system called Ketopia™. We will discuss the ins and outs of this program so you can make an informed decision if this program is right for you, and if it can help you live a healthier lifestyle.

But before we dive into it, I want to be clear… this is NOT a “miracle pill” that will make you lose weight at blink of an eye. It’s quite the contrary, this is a “system” that combines 3 different products that simplify the process of putting your body into ketosis with a patented formula and simple to follow supplements.


(*)Results may vary from person to person

What is Ketopia?

Ketopia is a weight loss management program designed by a direct selling company called Forever Green. The Ketopia system comes in a box with 3 different products that should last you 10 days (a total af 30 sachets).

These are: KetonX, Dough Bites, and FIXX.

We will look into each supplement but it’s important that we find out how Ketopia works and the whole science behind it.

what is ketopia

How does Ketopia work?

If you want to fully understand the reason the Ketopia system is so effective, we will need to look into the ketogenic diet and the benefits of getting into ketosis.

Here is the definition of Ketosis according to Wikipedia:

Ketosis: a metabolic state where most of the body’s energy supply comes from ketone bodies in the blood, in contrast to a state of glycolysis where blood glucose provides most of the energy”

In other words, it’s your body’s natural ability to burn fat for energy instead of carbs. And believe it or not, fat has 300% more energy than carbohydrates. Thus allowing you to sustain your levels of energy for much longer than a person in a carbs reach diet.

The ketogenic diet is not a new concept. It has been around since the 1900’s, gaining more popularity in the last few decades with the new scientific discoveries that outline many benefits of the diet other than just weight loss. (for more information on the benefits click here)

Many bodybuilders and athletes use the ketogenic diet to make their bodies perform at its peak state. One of the biggest benefits is the increase of energy throughout the day.

Here is how the Ketopia system is REVOLUTIONARY…

Although you can reach the state of ketosis by eating the right types of raw foods, many people give up trying because of the difficult and painful process you need to put your body through in order to get there. But once you achieve the state of ketosis your body will start burning fat like a hot furnace.

With Ketopia’s patented product called KetonX™ your body will be in the state of ketosis between 1-2 hours, Instead of taking 7-14 days following a very streaked diet.

Let’s look at the Ketopia ingredients

As we mentioned, there are three supplements that come with the 10 day Ketopia supply. Here they are:

Ketopia KetonX


KetonX is a drink that allows the body to begin converting into a state of nutritional ketosis within a matter of hours, not days. Featuring a patented blend of ingredients, KetonXTM is a safe and simple way to achieve ketosis without the lengthy process and negative side effects of a typical ketogenic diet. Forever Green claims to have a patent that was created by a world renowned scientist.

Ketopia Doug Bites


Dough Bites is a delicious cookie dough snack that feature 24-Karat Chocolate, zero-impact carbohydrates, fiber and prebiotics. They are formulated to help balance insulin levels and increase fat utilization for energy. Dough Bites are filling, help to reduce cravings, and taste amazing. There is no artificial flavorings or colors; zero-impact carbs; no preservatives; all natural & GMO-free; convenient and healthy; it helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Ketopia FixX shake


FIXX is a delicious 24-Karat Chocolate meal replacement energy shake that is made with the highest-quality clean ingredients to support your weight management goals along with the reset of the Ketopia system. FIXX features cold-process New Zealand whey from clean pasture-raised cows that contains no hormones or second-hand antibiotics, and is 99% lactose free. We also added 30 organic fruits and vegetables, along with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and probiotics to provide you with a naturally nutritious protein shake.

Here is how the ketopia program works

  • MORNING – You will be drinking 1 KetonX with 10-12 oz. of water
  • 2-3 HOURS LATER – Eat 1 Dough Bite + 16 oz. of water
  • 3 HOURS LATER – Drink 1 FIXX in 8-10 oz. of water (or almond milk with 2% fat)
  • 3 HOURS LATER – Eat a sensible meal with healthy fats, protein and green vegetables.

As you can see, the system is pretty simple to follow because they have eliminated the guess work out of the equation. When I first took a look at how simple this system is I thought Ketopia was a scam, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Other than the thousands of success stories, Ketopia has the becking of world renowned doctors that have tested and approved this product.

Ketopia 10 Day Reset Program

There are a few other questions that people may have when researching the Ketopia program that we would like to quickly address in this post.

Such as:

Is Ketopia safe for diabetics?

Not only ketopia is safe for people with diabetes, the ketogenic diet has been proven to be one of the best diets for people with diabetes. (We will include a video at the end of this post to show you a renowned doctor speaking at a TED event addressing this very question).

What are the Ketopia side effects?

Due to a poor diet, people used to eating foods with a lot of sugar may experience a mild headache during the first few days of starting on the Ketopia diet. This tends to go away after the third days as your body gets used to consuming fat for energy instead of carbs.

We would like to address other questions such as “is Ketopia dangerous”, or “is there any risk using Ketopia?”. (please access our ketopia youtube channel for more information from specialists in this field)


There are many other beneficial information we could be discussing on this post, but I wanted to keep this short and to the point.

As you can see anyone can follow this simple system to get into the state of ketosis and begin to burn fat for energy instead of carbs and shred those unwanted fats.

If you are looking for where to buy Ketopia, all you have to do is click on the button bellow and you will be directed to the page with all the information for you to order your pack today.


There are a few different packs and the ketopia cost will be affected based on the size of your order.

Feel free to leave us a comment below if you have any questions.

If you are still skeptical, take a look at these real ketopia results.

FGX Ketopia Diet Program
Co-Founder and CEO of 4HealthResults.com, Alex Paim is also a serial entrepreneur with focus on health and well being.


    • Hi Randa! This is a 10 Day reset and if you want to continue on you can by more of the product. When your body reaches the state of ketosis you will need to follow the diet in order to stay in ketosis. This can be done by your diet (the foods you eat), or an easier way to follow would be the Ketopia system.

      Mr Brad Hager has lost over 50lbs just following the Ketopia program for 50 days. You can check on other people’s results on this page.


      I hope this answers your question. Cheers!

  1. Great information and the Ketopia System seems to be a better solution as compared to diet pills and just meal replacement shakes alone.

  2. Hi Alex. Do you have to work out to see these results or just eating these ketopia products you will be able to burn fat?

  3. Hey Alex, you know what? I’ve been meaning to slow down and understand all this ketosis stuff that everyone’s been talking about and just hadn’t taken the time to do it (love Tedtalks btw). You’ve just saved me a ton of time and energy so thank-you for that – have a question or two more – will shoot you a PM 🙂 LOVE that it’s a 10 day ‘reset’. Results early and quickly are what folks need to see.

  4. Hi Alex! Great review of this product. I’ve been hearing more about Ketones a lot lately and have seen many friends on FB get tremendous results with it. It must be the real deal. I’ve seen a few different brands being marketed. How do you determine which is the best bang for your buck?

    • Thanks David for the complement. This is a system that includes the 3 components that you would need in the ketogenic diet. You would only have to cook one meal at night, and eat a cookie and a shake. The only other product like Ketonx is Pruvitt and they only sell the product to get you into ketosis. Ketopia is a system, and not just one product.

  5. This program is excellent for people than want change the lifestyle , change your body and personality. Inspire to many people and do it. Great products and company. This is a form natural of lost fat and weight. the Ketosis is great for this. Follow the recommend and you can see the results in your body. I’m coach fitness and this is 100% recommend for a diet for lost fat. Thanks for the information.

    • It sure is Ana. I know you are a fitness addict and know all the great benefits. It’s just really great to follow something that actually works.

  6. Alex, I have been wanting to learn more about this system! Thank you for the great info in the video. I have lost weight in the past by bringing my body into ketosis…but IT WAS NOT EASY! This looks like something I can do!

    • Thats great Julie!! I had never tried doing the ketogenic diet outside following the ketopia program, so i dont know how hard it is but i heard somethings about it.

    • Bro i want to ask you how much weight did you lose on the 10 day ketopia reset program? I ordered 2 kits to lose 20 lbs. I was wondering if i could lose 15 in 10 days because my kit came late. I only have 12 days until mx vacation. Thanks buddy

  7. This makes so much sense. I always envied those people who can stay on the Atkins or other low-carb plan for months until they get into ketosis… without even one chocolate bar, sandwich, or bowl of spaghetti in months. I just couldn’t do it! I will try this out asap.

  8. Alex, thanks for this very in-depth review on the Ketopia Diet. I had no idea this existed. I had never heard of this before but it makes sense! I am very intrigued now by how our body could use our fat to lose weight rather than our carbs. And the Ketopia system seems to be a very easy to follow program that can help one figure this out without having to think too much about it and without having to go through a very rigorous raw diet.

    The 3 steps to follow for the 10 day reset seems to be very achievable by anyone seriously looking to lose weight and get healthier.

    Once again thanks a lot for this very in-depth review on the Ketopia diet. It answers a lot of questions for people that are trying to decide whether the Ketopia diet system is right for them.

  9. Dude, this is one SERIOUS review… Anyone looking for any info on this product need go anywhere else… Well done my friend… (y)

  10. Hi, I wanted to bring your attention to a dangerous (and potentially life-threatening) generalization in your review when you stated: “Not only is ketopia safe for people with diabetes, the ketogenic diet has been proven to be one of the best diets for people with diabetes.” You are generalizing all diabetics as one, and this is NOT true.
    To clarify: TYPE 1 (insulin dependent diabetics, or IDDM) CAN NOT do this program or any other ketogenic diet because Type1 Diabetics lack insulin production, which is vital for disposing/metabolizing ketone bodies in the kidneys and liver. Without insulin and the normal function of the metabolic pathways that regulate lipolysis, ketones can quickly build up and precipitate a condition called ketoacidosis – which can quickly become fatal! Type 2 diabetics still produce some insulin and can respond well to a ketogenic protocol, however, medical supervision and/or consent is strongly advised prior to starting this type of weight loss method.

    • Thank you Deirdre!! This is awesome information that you just shared with us. Would you be interested in writing a blog post talking a little bit more about the topic? We would feature you on our site. Please let me know. Thanks!

  11. I started my ketopia program today and am following the instructions to the letter. Using ketostix to measure when I go into ketosis but it hasnt happened. I was under the impression that using ketopia it would happen within one to two hours. What do you thinnk is happening?

    • Dont fret Karen. This happened to my wife as well, and she was only able to measure it on the second day. This might be the reason they removed the peesticks from the package.

      People react a little different to the product. But, you can rest assured that you are in Ketosis once you start following the program. Just heard another awesome presentation from Dr D’Agostino today talking about the benefits of being in ketosis, and it is WAY more than just weight loss. Hope it helped!

      • Thanks Alex.
        Day 2 is what happened for me also. Im noticing that the ketones are not always present – it seems to be the yellow drink that gets you there. How did your wife end up going with it?
        I’m also wondering if there is something going on with the slower uptake….would this mean that a longer or second round of ketopia would be helpful?? Would be interested on your thoughts and or what others have found with this.

        • Hi Karen.. I am glad it is starting to kick in for you. My wife lost 5lbs on her 10 days. I lost 8lbs. Like with any products, it works different to different people.
          I recommend for you do stay on the ketogenic diet for as long as you would like. Brad Hager lost 50lbs in 6 weeks, and he did it back to back. You can see his pictures here (I personally know him)


  12. Thanks for the detailed review, starting my day 1 today.. I have done Ketosis before but always slip up in the adaptation phase, this should keep me on point for 10 days. I plan to do moderate workouts as well.. starting at 198 lbs – 2/25/2016. Will document again after 10 days 🙂

  13. Hi Alex, I just purchased the system today. But I have some doubts, first… I have been reading and it says that a diet plan of what foods you should and shouldn’t eat is included…but I don’t have it… So, where can I get this information? I don’t want to eat the wrong things. And also, what happens after the 10 days reset program?, from what I understood you have to keep eating good fats and zero carbohydrates…?

    • Hi Ana.. great for you!!! Here is a post where we answer the kinds of foods you are allowed to eat on the diet. https://4healthresults.com/ketopia-diet-tips/

      This is also a great resource if you are looking for ideas on what to cook.

      After the 10 Days Reset you can continue on the diet by either following the Ketopia 10 day Program, or continuing to eat Ketogenic Diet friendly meals.

  14. I love the way being in ketosis makes me feel! This product is definitely amazing and really works.

    I have tried all sorts of diets out there, but none that makes me feel like the Ketogenic diet. And Ketopia has made it so easy for me to stay in the state of ketosis.. highly recommend for anyone wanting to try it.

      • Is it safe to do 3 cycles back to back? Basically I want to lose 35 pounds in 35 days like the guy Brad you mentioned lost 40 lbs in 40 days and i also read again in the comments that Brad lost 50 lbs in 50 day witch I think is awesome. However you never mention Brads start weight or his stats ie hght age etc. We all know that the more you weigh the more you will lose. Can you share Brad’s stats? Does the products come as a whole or seperate? Will you clarify your wifes weight loss more in details, im asking because replied she lost 6 lbs in 7 days then i seen a reply that your wife lost 5 lbs in 10 days. Im confused. Can you clarify these questiôns im asking you before i spend my honest hard working money? I need more details and is it cheaper to purchase the 28 day if one wants to lose more than 5 to 7 pounds on the 10 day cycle?

  15. Hi Alex, I have been reading up on Ketopia and my only question is, I don’t like chocolate. What other flavors do you have for the 3rd step, Meal replacement?

    • Hi Jolene.. Right now the only option with the Ketopia program is chocolate. I have word from corporate that there is another flavor at work, but no prevision of when that will be included/available with the pack.

      In the mean time you can visit http://4healthstore.com/ and order the 28 Day Ketonx supply, and the 28 Day DoughBites supply, and use another shake of your choice, or replace the shake for a ketogenic friendly meal.

      I hope it helped!

  16. Hi I have a question. So I want to purchase and start this keto journey. I was researching this keto diet, and have decided to give it a shot. The only thing that scares me, is that I have been on different kinds of drinks and plans, and every time I went off from it, then I gained all the weight back. I can’t risk to do that, I want this change. So when I leave finish this 10 day program off placing my body into ketosis, will I gain the weight back? How do I continue after this? Should I continue with following my low carb diet plan with my macros that I planned to do in order to go into ketosis, before I heard of ketopia?

    • Hi Inna.. Great question! People that go on diets tend to gain their weight back after it because they go back to eating the same way they used to eat before the diet (it has happened to me as well).
      As with the slogan of Ketopia – “it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle”, you get a picture of the importance of making the right choices to live a healthier lifestyle.

      Here is what i do myself.. I use diets (or different products) to kickstart my weight loss. Once I am on a burning fat mode I will adapt to my lifestyle so I never go back to the way I was eating before, and start to exercise.

      Brad Hager lost 40lbs in 40 days just by staying in the program. I have seen him since and he has not gained the weight back (as a matter of fact he keeps losing it).

      I would say… get started, use this as a way to get your eating in a pattern, and then use the resources we have here to start eating the right way, and right portions to your body weight. It’s very important that you also do exercise. A body in movement is a healthy body. Even if its just a walk until you work your way up to a more challenging routine. I hope it helped.

  17. So you would recommend to kick start your body into fat burning mode and then afterwards continue with a healthy ketogenic diet?
    Also just for a side note, this money that is put in, it is refundable?

  18. I am on day one and I am not in ketosis according to the sticks. I did the test later in the afternoon. The only other things I ate were a couple handful of raw cashews and some organic all natural beef jerky. Should I be in ketosis all day?

    • Hi Jodi.. Ketopia stopped shipping the Peetopia sticks with the program because people were reacting to it differently. Me personally it worked great and I could tell by the stick. I am pretty sure you are in ketosis, even tho the sticks do not show. I would keep checking it the 2nd and 3rd day so you will see it working.

  19. So i’m gonna go ahead and give it a start, while at the same time im nervous. I have tried all kinds of shakes that right after you gain all the weight back, but I hope this is different. I’m planning on taking the ketopia to help me get into ketosis faster and then will stick to a healthy keto diet..Do I sound okay?

  20. It looks like this page and comments section is populated with Ketopia sales people. How much do they pay you Alex? There is plenty of bias and misinformation here, it is obvious that somebody is being paid by somebody. I like the Wikipedia definition except for the fact that you left out what outs the body into ketosis. I also like the fact that the “Ketopia Way” is the natural way to get into ketosis anyhow….minimal carbs, veggies, proteins, and water. If you are going to write a review at least make it look like an honest review rather than an obvious promotion to your product. You might also try and get an honest “comment” rather than employees of the company that sells this product. Another magic pill huh. Just for your info (if you are interested), drop the carbs to below 50g a day and after 3 or 4 days…you will be ketogenic. You can do this by eating quality no carb proteins and tons of greens and low carb veggies, you could even enjoy a piece of fruit sometimes. What a joke, what can come naturally is being sold as the next big thing.

    • I might add that this review is identical to their website and every other review I have seen. Alex Alex, thank God there are enough people that will only read your kife and see it as gold without any research. Another gimic, you leaches just suck and suck. Wake up people, do a little research, you have more honest sources of info now than ever in the past right at your finger tips.

  21. I have spent the last week looking for a diet plan to follow that will give me real results. I always do lots of research before starting anything new. sense not working I have gained 40 pounds within 6 months.. and I need it gone because its making me depressed!! I been looking into starting the military diet and came across this page while googling. Then saw the star ratings on Ketopia.. (I have read and seen videos discussing Ketosis and using this method to loose weight.) There is always so many different methods being marketed and talked about its hard to commit; questioning which one will actually work! This program seems to be a relatively simple way to get started. I am confused on why all the three products that are in the 10 day system are sold separately. Does one work more effectively in an everyday life style? or are they all suppose to be taken daily to achieve maximum results? Is the 10 day just a jump start and then your suppose to follow a ketosis food plan everyday after the system is ran out, or do people usually continue buying the system over and over again?

  22. What happens after the 10 days? I’m so confused with keto diets because one thing says to cut out dairy and one says not to and I don’t know what is too much protein and I’ve never eaten high fat, so it’s hard to eat that much fat if I may not even stay in ketosis because then I’ll actually be gaining wait! Do you just leave us hanging after the ten days? How are we guaranteed to stay in ketosis?

  23. Hi, I am not looking to lose weight, but I do have the program. I went to a party and of course purchased it. I won’t use the ketonic drink in the morning, but can I use the dough bite and fixx drink for snacks or meal replacement during the day? And if so can I have more than one of each per day? And do I need to space them out, or can I eat them together? I just really like the taste of them and use other protein shakes during the day, but was hoping to use these instead. I am
    Not sure if it matters, but I rarely exercise. Thank you

  24. I can see people from months ago asking questions and there is no reply. How can people go forward with anything if they can’t get the answers they are looking for? Not feeling to good about the product if this is how the responses work. Discouraging.

    • Hi Laura.. Thanks for your feedback. This is a review site and we are working on getting the questions on this post answered as soon as we can. Did you have something in specific that you would like to know more about?

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