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Luminesce Serum FAQ

Luminesce Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it normally take for results to appear?

The time frame does vary between each individual. On average however, it is regarded that only a few minutes are required before minor results to begin to appear – these will not be notable signs of aging, but rather providing more color and freshness back to your skin.

For the more notable effects of aging to reduce when using Luminesce, around 14-21 days is usually required until results will begin to really become noticeable. Again, this can vary from each individual, so it is recommended to allow a month or two for truly noticeable signs of aged skin to be reduced. (Check our Jeunesse Luminesce Review here)

Is Luminesce safe to use?

Yes, Luminesce is 100% safe to use on all skin types. No known safety concerns have been detected with the use of this serum, and it actually promotes healthiness by encouraging the development of healthy cells.

How does it produce results?

Through adult stem cell technologies, growth factors and cytokines have been created in this formula are identical to those found naturally in our bodies. The serum therefore works together naturally with our body to help produce proteins that help to promote healthy skin by producing collagen and elastin, which can help battle signs of aging.

What happens when I apply it to my skin?

The active ingredients in the serum begin to work as soon as it has been applied to your skin by penetrating your pores, which causes the reaction with our bodies that allows the production of the proteins that promote healthy skin. (For a full review of the Luminesce Serum)

What signs of aging skin can it help to reduce?

Any visible signs of aging on the skin can be reduced through daily and regular application of the serum. These include visible signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, as well as helping to provide more youthful and vibrant appearing skin.

What happens if I stop using the serum?

There will be no adverse effects to your skin should you stop using the product, although over time the signs of aging on the skin will eventually reappear.

Can I use too much of the serum?

No, there are no known adverse effects from using more than the recommended dosage. It is advised that you stick with using it twice a day (in the evening and in the morning) but it won’t use any harm should you go above this.

Can it be used with my other skincare products?

Yes, it is entirely safe to use as part of an overall skincare regime that using different products.


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