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3 Day Diet Substitutions


While the Military Diet plan is easy to follow (thanks in part to its simplicity), the foods featured on it are not to everyone’s tastes. Due to the fact that the diet doesn’t feature the largest variety of food types, many people are put off by the diet purely because it is mostly made up of food they dislike.

If you are not able to enjoy any of the foods featured in a diet it will make it seriously hard to stick to, which is why finding alternates is always important.

There are also many people that would like to try this diet but can’t due to food allergies. So it is necessary to find alternatives to gluten or lactose free products. The same can be said of vegetarians who do not eat meat, which could certainly struggle with a diet such as this.

Luckily there are many substitutes that can be made throughout the Military Diet, so regardless of your dietary needs; you can make the most out of this weight-loss regime.

Replacing Calories

One important aspect of swapping out foods is to ensure your substitution foods have the same amount of calories. This means that the stated weight of the food isn’t important, but rather the amount of calories it contains.

So if you are swapping your tuna that weighs 1oz for chicken, it will not be replaced by 1oz of chicken, but instead the amount of chicken that equals the calorie content of 1oz of tuna.

Here are some of the recommendations we found to be helpful if you are looking to replace any of the foods found in the Military Diet.


Grapefruit Substitution

3 Day Diet Grapefruit replacementGrapefruit is one of the most difficult foods to swap out, due to the fact there aren’t many alternatives that offer the same benefits of this particular fruit. For example, you cannot swap the grapefruit serving with an orange, as it will cancel the benefits gained in relation to the diet.

½ tablespoon of baking powder in water can achieve the same effect should you not be able to eat a grapefruit.





Peanut Butter Substitution

Military Diet Peanut Butter substitution

Whether it is down to taste or allergies, a lot of people cannot eat peanut butter, which happens to be an important component of the diet. Instead you can replace it with other various butters, including sunflower, soy, pumpkin, or almond.








Bread Substitution

3 Day Diet Bread replacement

Various whole grain foods can replace the bread from the military diet. Servings that replace bread include 1/8 cup sunflower seeds, ½ cup whole-grain cereal, ½ protein bar, ¼ cup yogurt, or ½ teaspoon flax seed. Alternatively, you can use two tortilla wraps.






Coffee Substitution

Military Diet Coffee substitution

Green tea is one of the few beverages that you can replace coffee with, but the problem remains – sugars. You cannot have any sugar or artificial sweeteners, which makes liking hot chocolate difficult – should you opt for the sugar-free types though, you will get a minor amount of caffeine. A good option for sugar would also be Stivia, which is an all natural sweetener that is healthy for you.






Banana Substitution

3 Day Diet Banana replacement

Various fruits can be used instead of bananas. One entire banana constitutes either two kiwi fruit, 1 cup papaya, or 2 apricots. Grapes also work fine, as do plums and even apple sauce, providing the calorie content remains the same.







Tuna Substitution

3 Day Diet Tuna replacement

Many people are not a fan of canned tuna, but it is an important aspect of the diet. Substitutes have to be carefully selected not to add any more calories to your meals. Chicken or lean meats are best for this, but cottage cheese, tofu, almonds and peanuts are all viable alternates as well.







Green Beans Substitution

Military Diet Green Beans substitution

Green beans can be easily replaced with any type of leafy green vegetable, again making sure no additional calories are added. Lettuce and spinach are popular choices, but you can even swap with tomatoes too.







Meats Substitution

3 Day Diet Meats replacement

Vegetarians will need to swap out their meat for traditional substitutes, such as lentils, beans or tofu.







Carrots Substitution

3 Day Diet Carrots replacement

Squash, parsnips, celery, bell peppers and beets are fine choices for swapping out carrots.










Broccoli Substitution

Military Diet Broccoli substitution

Similar cruciferous vegetables to broccoli work as great alternates, including cauliflower or Brussels sprouts, along with other green veggies such as asparagus or spinach.






Cheeses Substitution

Military Diet Cheeses substitution

When swapping out cheddar cheese, you can either opt for a different cheese in the shape of cottage cheese, or go for eggs or ham to fully avoid dairy.

Should you wish to swap out cottage cheese, you can opt for plain Greek yogurt, eggs, or ham. Cheddar and ricotta cheese can work too.






Eggs Substitution

3 Day Diet Eggs replacement

A few substitutes for eggs include 1 cup milk, ¼ cup of seeds and nuts (most types are fine), 2 bacon slices or 1 chicken wing.







Ice Cream Substitution

Military Diet Ice Cream substitution

There isn’t much in the way of alternatives to vanilla ice cream for the diet, but 1 cup fruit yogurt is one such choice, as is apple juice.







Saltine Crackers Substitution

Military Diet Saltine Crackers substitution

Rice cakes are likely your best bet for swapping out this snack, but remember to ensure the calories remain the same!







If you would like to get access to the complete Food Plan for the Military Diet, click the link below and download it to your computer or phone for easy access!

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  1. I read on a another article that you can use mustard, relish, salt and pepper is that true? And also if i replace the egg with a cup of milk what kind of milk should i drink?

    • Hi Henna… I think the substitution should be fine, now about the milk X egg I dont think that would make the same effect. Egg is rich in protein, which you need for the few days that you will be eating like this. Although milk has protein in it, it wouldn’t be near as much. I would stick to eating eggs if you can. Best!

      • Thank you sir for sharing a nice information about swapping food..it can help me more & i will start it soon wish me luck & i give u my weight detail

  2. Can you opt out of a food? I don’t care for grapefruit and baking soda in water doesn’t sound so good either.

  3. I started the military diet Wednesday. Jumped on the scale this morning and an down 4lbs. I highly doubt I’ll see a 6lb loss tomorrow morning but I won’t complain! This is a great way to get myself back on a strategic diet!

  4. 10 pounds in 3 days is bullcrap! I weighed in after 3 days and HAD NOT LOST EVEN 1 POUND,and today after my 4th day,the digital scale showed I have lost 1 pound. I am 6’0 230 pounds with a lot of muscle,so cutting down to 1500 calories from my normal 3500 should have made a difference by now. This website needs to STOP WITH ALL THE FALSE ADVERTISING of 10 pounds in a week or 3 days. You might as well eat some spoiled cabbage and get diarrhea and poop out 3 pounds instead of this FAKE diet!

    • I’m on day 4. Starting weight on Monday was 230. I’m 6’3. Ending weight as of this morning. 225lbs. Here is what I analyzed from this meal plan. It’s mental thing. If I can eat, a small breakfast, lunch and a medium size dinner for 3 days, with out passing out, then I can change what I eat long after I am off the diet. I see the military diet as a good building block for clean eating. Damn sure it was easy to follow and not a lot of kitchen time. I dislike meal prepping, but after doing this I said I will get better with it. Now if you want something a little more hardcore. Try the Master Cleanse. I do that twice a year. My man, 3 pounds of poop is an understatement. Plus you discipline will be tested for 14 to 21 days. Go for that if you want to see something different. Peace my G.

  5. Hello guys.
    Thanks for the article.

    You say that if I dont have grapefruit I can replace it with baking powder. It is this correct? Or you mean baking soda instead?
    I was reading about the baking powder and seems like can produce stomach ache.

    Thanks for your time 😀

  6. I just started this yesterday and am down 3 pounds. I can’t eat eggs so I substituted the eggs for 2 slices of bacon. I started at 158 lbs. Day 2 morning, I weighed myself (I know you aren’t supposed to weigh yourself until day 4 but I couldn’t help myself) to find out that I am 155 lbs. Things that helped me was that I was committed to losing weight. I still workout every morning (T25) and follow this plan. I noticed this morning that I had energy. By lunch time, I was very tired. It could be because I didn’t have caffeine tea. I will try to post again in 2 days to post my final weight lose and comments.


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