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Nutrition53 Review

Nutrition 53 Lean 1 ingredients

Nutrition53 is a supplement company which offers solution for daily performance, weight management, fat loss and muscle building. You can purchase any of their products through their website.

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Bill Romanowski is the founder of this company and he is also a four time Super Bowl champion. The company has been around since 2008. In this Nutrition 53 review, you will learn the benefits of Lean1 – an important weight lose product.

What Are The Nutrition53 Products?

Nutrition 53 ProductsUp to now, Nutrition53 products include Neuro1, Sleep1, Ultimate Sleep Formula, Burn1 Fat Burning Formula, Neuro1 Brain Performance Drink, Gainer1 Muscle Building Protein Shake, Lean1 and Lean1 Pro Fat Burning Protein Shake.

While lean1 contains, organic fruits, proteins, fiber and plant sterols which help in shedding fat and building more lean muscles it is known to be a healthy performance shake. The product offers several vitamins, minerals and plant extracts useful in boosting memory and the energy levels.

Neuro1 is a formula that promotes mental performance. Sleep1 contains amino acids for recovery, herbal extract and vitamins and is considered to be the most ideal Sleep Formula.

Among the products that Nutrition53 offers, Lean1 is for individuals aiming to shed the unwanted pounds. To focus more on this product, in this review we are going to concentrate on its aim, its usage, its ingredients and the possible side effects. It may help you in protecting your heart, in building leaner muscles and shedding the unwanted weight.

What is Nutrition53 Lean1?

Nutrition53 Lean1 promises to provide 20 grams of protein, more nutrients and fat burning properties. The producer adds 17 fruits, 27 vitamins and minerals alongside vegetables in this mix. It also contains antioxidants and many agents necessary in enhancing your digestion.

Nutrition 53 Lean 1

A more unique and interesting fact about this product is that it contains several ingredients such as Hoodia Gordonii and green coffee bean extracts which offer fat crushing effects. This is generally a unique product that will fit in your weight loss goals.

Nutrition53 Lean1 Ingredients

Lean1 supplement contains 27 different vitamins and minerals and you should use it as a snack or meal replacement. Nutrition53 offers it in various flavors which include cookies, vanilla, banana, cream, vanilla raspberry and chocolate.


Some of the major ingredients in this supplement include: Grape Seep extracts, digestive enzymes, fiber, protein, glucans, phytosterols and amino acids.

The producer never announces any satisfaction guarantee for all the supplements they offer. However, in their website you will find several customer testimonials.

Others ingredients include:

Hoodia Gordonii: this is an African cactus which the Nutrition53 adds to increase the effectiveness of the product in reducing hunger.

Green Coffee Bean Extracts: they add immature or unroasted coffee beans due to their stimulant effects.

Artificial flavors: these are synthetic ingredients which Nutrition53 adds to stimulate the taste of some other products.

Sucralose: these are calorie free sweeteners which offer a sweeter taste but at a lower price.

Corn Syrup Solids: this is a moisture free sweetener which features pure glucose.

Alpha Lipoic Acid: this component occurs naturally in our bodies and it works to kill the appetite.

Green Coffee: this ingredient surpasses the most effective weight loss ingredient due to its beneficial work in metabolism and improving the fat destroying methods.

How does the Nutrition53 Lean1 work?

List of Products of the Nutrition53

The producer offers several options for when you should take this supplement. You should either take it before, after or even in time to save at least one meal.

Obviously, you can expect fat burning by around 108% – Nutrition53 hasn’t explained the number beyond this. With the hunger fighting milk protein, fat burning ingredients and with the 7 grams of fiber Nutrition53 eliminates hunger cravings.

The stimulant green coffee bean extracts provides the metabolism acceleration that enhances fat burning in the body. However, this essential property of the product is short lived primarily due to the ability of our bodies to quickly adapt to caffeine. You should note that there is no explanation on the exact amount of caffeine you should expect in the product.

Many users are happy with the pleasurable taste of this product.


Instructions on how to use the product

Lean1 allegedly help in weight lose by standing in place of 2 high calorie meals that you consume in any given day. By replacing your lunch meal with a Lean1 shake you will limit your calories consumption and as a result destroy some pounds.

According to Nutrition53, you should replace your 2 meals with the supplement and ensure that your third meal doesn’t contain too much calories. While you may worry that replacing your meals with this supplement will leave you undernourished, the product contains all the vitamins and nutrients you need to remain healthy.

What are the side effects?

A few of the product users complain about some side effects after using the product, and this can vary from person to person.

These side effects include:

. Headaches
. Vomiting
. Irritability
. Diarrhoea
. Stomach cramps
. Nausea
. Bloating
. Elevated blood pressure
. Mood swings
. Increased paranoia
. Difficulty swallowing

Is the product safe?

Several Lean1 reviews by people who have tried it are pretty positive. There are users unhappy with its taste, but according to them they succeeded in their weight loss goals. The product is safe but you should remember that supplements are not the best for individuals aiming to achieve long term weight lose goals.

There are higher chances that you will regain the weight you have shed after stopping the product use if you return to that diet you had been living on previously. So it’s important to adjust the way you eat and start eating healthy in the right amounts.

How much does it cost?

There are many price points depending on the product you are looking for. (For a full price list of these products please visit Nutrition53 site).

Here are the prices of some of the Nutrition53 products. The cost of Lean1 supplement is $59.97 per every tub and the Neuro1 supplement sells for $99.97 per every tub. Sleep1 formula sells for only $39.97 per every tub.

The conclusion

Nutrition53 Lean1 offers a twist on the meal replacement supplements since it contains caffeine in form of caffeine beans. Another unique feature about this product is that it contains GMO free ingredients in cane syrup. However, they have tipped this in favor of the negative introduction of artificial ingredients and GMO soy.

Supplementing with a product that consists of cheap substitutes is hard. The producer has not listed the amount of caffeine in the product which contributes to the mystery which surrounds the product. Overall, the product offers lots of benefits.

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Nutrition 53 Review
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