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Plexus Slim Review

Plexus Slim Review

In the world of pills and supplements for weight loss, you often face the trouble whether to take it slow and steady while being meticulous, or experience big outcomes right away. Undoubtedly most people desire the benefits of both, however, that seems completely out of reach. And that is why, the promise of PS, that is Plexus Slim is to provide you with a high caliber solution for weight loss, without actually putting you at risk, and that is certainly a promise worth considering.

So, here is a quick Plexus Slim review for your better understanding of the product:

What Is Plexus Slim?

Plexus Slim ReviewIt is touted as an affordable weight loss product that proclaims no bad side effects, based on comprehensive clinical research. It is a powdered supplement which is mixed with water, in order to help you burn fat and calories while on the go.

It was introduced in the year 2011 by Plexus Worldwide – a company formulated by David Brown. Initially, the company’s objective was to produce products for the Type ll diabetics, in order to help them alleviate blood sugar levels and their dependency on insulin. However, when they realized that some people were experimenting with their product and testing it to lose weight, they found out that this ‘weight loss market’ was worth millions more than the initial diabetic market.

Thus, they moved their entire product line market to just target the obese people. And that is how this “Pink Drink Diet Mania” came into existence. It is quite rare to find a company that is as adept, professional, and acknowledged as Plexus Worldwide. Every person from the top down acts in such a way that makes the ambassadors and customers feel like they actually matter, rather than being simply another dollar for their company.

Plexus Pink

The product almost sounds like some miracle, isn’t it? Well, Plexus Slim not only claims to curb your appetite, but also evinces to bring about a plethora of other changes in your body.

Yes, that is certainly true! The product also helps to keep your cholesterol, lipids and blood sugar at healthy levels. Furthermore, it helps to mitigate binge eating and augment your willpower over food. Sounds good? Well, it is effective too!

What Are The Active Ingredients?

The product contains absolutely no stimulants or caffeine. It has the following active ingredients:

Chromium: It is intensively used for weight loss, increasing energy and improving athletic performance. It is also widely used for improving blood sugar level in people with type l and type ll diabetes. Furthermore, it can be used for raising good cholesterol, reducing bad cholesterol, and mitigating depression.

Garcinia Extract: This is a fruit basically, and the medicine is made from its rind. According to scientific research, Garcinia cambogia helps to control appetite, and also prevents fat storage in the body.

Green Coffee Arabica Bean Extract: It is a natural compound which acts as a strong antioxidant. It helps to mitigate the release of blood glucose after consuming food.

Alpha Lipoic Acid: It is a vitamin type antioxidant, which is found in high concentrations of potatoes, broccoli, spinach, and is also used in the labs for medicinal purposes. It protects cell damage in the human body, restoring vitamin E, vitamin C, and others. It is also used to break down carbohydrates in the body, in order to produce energy for other organs. Furthermore, it protects the brain, improves liver function, and helps in weight loss management.

Citric K: It is an herbal extract, which is obtained from Garcinia Cambogia extract. It alleviates the switch of carbohydrates into fat by curbing certain enzyme processes.

Beetroot Extract: It is responsible for balancing the pH balance and healthy blood in the body. It is a rich source of manganese, folic acid and nitrates. Furthermore, it contains some amino acids including, alpha amino acids and D amino acids.

Grape Skin Extract: It contains phytonutrients like proanthocyanidins that act as antioxidants.

Lo Han Extract: It is acquired from the Lo Han fruit. It helps to protect the digestive tract, immune system, respiratory system and glands.

Also for additional benefits, Accelerator Plus must be used along with this product. It is believed to contain minerals and vitamins such as, chromium, calcium, niacin, vitamin B12 and B6. According to the research, the ingredients in its blend are the prime compounds that are responsible for burning fat.

Yerba Mate Extract: This is the first main ingredient, which comes from the plant source. It contains caffeine, magnesium, and potassium and is believed to provide a soothing effect on the body’s smooth muscle tissue.
Hawthorne: This ingredient is extremely beneficial for the human heart, and it also offers some additional medicinal properties.
Hordenine: It is a chemical that is obtained from barley, and is believed to have a rejuvenating effect on the human body.
5 HTP: It is a compound, which is obtained from an amino acid known as tryptophan, which is naturally produced by the human body. It helps to make serotonin, a brain chemical that helps to mitigate appetite.
Green Tea Extract: It contains compounds such as, theophylline and theobromine which act as stimulants.

Does Plexus Slim Work? 

Does Plexus Slim WorkYes, it certainly does! The product works by regulating your blood sugar glucose level. When you eat, most of the time your blood sugar level tends to increase. This triggers your body to send signals to your brain that it is full. This also causes the hypothalamus region of your brain to stop sending signals that your body requires more food.

Thus when this actually happens, you certainly do not feel hungry anymore. On the other hand during a regular day, your blood sugar levels have a strong tendency to fluctuate up and down throughout the day. This swing of your blood sugar level causes you to want to eat more. So when you consume Plexus Slim, your body signals the hypothalamus that it is full, thus impeding overeating. It basically convinces your brain that you have consumed enough and that you do not require any more food.

How To Use It?

To make the product work, all that you need to do is simply pour it into 12 to 20 ounces of water, then shake it well, and drink it at least 30 minutes before your meal. It must be consumed once a day. However, if you desire to experience much better and faster results, simply combine it with a Plexus Slim Accelerator. The formulas of both these products were specially designed to be collusive and used together.

Plexus Slim Product Line

How Much Does it Cost?

A 30 day supply of the product will cost you about $84.95. However, if you wish to receive a monthly supply, you need to pay just $79.95.

The best place you can actually get your hands on this wonderful product is directly their official site- PlexusWorldwide.com. Here you can be sure you will get a good quality product for your money. In addition to this, purchasing this product from their official website includes the following benefits:

– 60 day money back guarentee
– An affordable price for a 1 month supply

Also remember, it is quite difficult for a company in this segment to build a real community around their supplements which really speaks to its reputation and effectiveness.


What Are The Side Effects?

Plexus Worldwide claims that the products cogency has been scientifically and clinically proven. However, the company does not provide any additional information on their site, in order to support this. In addition to this, there is not a lot to report regarding its side effects as this is a natural supplement.

Overall, the ingredients of this product are safe to the human body. Some have also undergone extremely intense clinical tests, and some are still in their testing phase. There is certainly no such indication that any of these ingredients are unsafe to use.

All the ingredients have positive benefits and will affect your life in other ways besides weight management. However, there are a few negative effects including, constipation, stomach ache, nausea, being gassy, and feeling of bloatedness.

It is also recommended to take this supplement only after consulting your doctor. Also be cautious if you suffer from blood pressure and heart problems, kidney disorders, mental issues, digestive problems, diabetes, and liver damage.

Is it Dangerous?

The product contains certain ingredients that have been proven to be dangerous in the long run. Chromium is one such ingredient that is of great concern. Although it is used to lower blood sugar level and is often translated to an augmented metabolism, it also leads to reduced energy levels.

However, it is certainly not a scam. First of all, the company has been around for almost 4 years now. Its tremendous success proves it to be a major player in the market of weight loss supplements. Also, the company’s first line on their site states that it is committed to providing its customers a life changing product.

Furthermore, it states that it is pledged to provide its ambassadors a rewarding and exclusive business opportunity. So, if a company is committed to its customers and ambassadors, it must also be committed to giving them a great product.


Remember, you don’t make a prompt buck by simply employing these visions and goals. And that is why the company has created a long lasting brand that leaves an extremely positive impression amongst all its ambassadors and customers.

Before And After – RESULTS

The before and after results of customers who have used the product are simply incredible. Also according to their testimonials, they have experienced better sleeping patterns, improved energy levels, and better digestion after using this product.

Some of them have lost about 16 lbs in just 8 weeks, while others have reduced 20 inches over their entire body in just 45 days. Thus, the product has truly shown miraculous results.

(*)Results may vary from person to person

What Are People Saying – Customer Reviews


With a plethora of positive raving customer reviews online, this product can certainly not be contested if it works or not. Of course, there will always be those that a certain weight loss product does not work for.

However, this product clearly works for the majority of the users. So just don’t be swayed by the negative complainers who have had a bad experience. Most of the customers have much appreciated this product, and they have also recommended it to all.

According to them, the formula includes several potent ingredients that are extremely beneficial if you desire to lose weight. These are also included in several other weight loss supplements that are available on the market these days.

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Plexus Slim Review
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