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Tips for Removing Dark Spots from the Skin


Check here how start removing dark spots from the skin.

There are many reasons as to why dark spot marks can appear on our skin. It can be from previous skin conditions such as acne, a blemish that is age-related such as liver spots, or it could be from an insect bite or former spot that just won’t fully clear up. Some brown spots on the skin occur naturally due to exposure to the sun, the age of the skin or just a genetic predisposition to them.

No matter the nature or cause of the spots, there are many ways to try to combat it, most of which can be done with remedies from products lying around the house. The last thing anyone wants is an unsightly spot or blemish on the skin, so next time you want to treat them, take a look at some of the treatments below.


1Aloe Vera

The gel extra from the Aloe Vera plant have phenomenal healing properties for the skin, helping to promote fast and healthy skin regeneration. This makes it a fine treatment for brown spots, particularly if caused by sunlight.

You can either extract the gel from an Aloe Vera plant, which is very cheap and easy to maintain (and great for many other herbal remedies so certainly worth having!) or go for store bought gel. Apply to the spots twice a day, leaving for roughly half an hour before rinsing off.

2Lemon Juice

With its naturally high acidity, lemon juice can work wonders at reducing spots by lightening the color from them. As a natural bleacher, this can be used on the skin with no adverse effects. Simply extract some fresh juice and apply to the problem area using a cotton swab. Always opt for fresh lemon juice and be sure to apply twice a day to ensure a successful color reduction.


By drinking enough water each day you can greatly reduce the presence of dark spots. You will need to go for the full daily recommendation, which is eight glasses worth, but this can help to no end. The water can flush toxins from the body and provides immense amounts of skin moisture. These effects cause the dark spots to fade away over time.


Enzymes present in papaya are great for clearing skin up naturally. Apply raw papaya twice a day, leaving for 20 minutes before rinsing with warm water. Continue daily until spots fade away.

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