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The Military Diet Review

Does it really work?

Military Diet Review

Have you recently heard about the Military Diet? Are thinking about testing the waters? The chances are you have heard about the impressive rate that you can lose weight, but at the same time you are likely feeling a tad skeptical, also – up to 10 pounds in 3 days seems too good to be true, surely there is some sort of catch?

And the short answer would be no. Let’s do a quick Military Diet review to find out why.

The Military Diet Review

The main target group for the Military Diet are those who find themselves in need of losing weight in a short time period. We have all been there, a wedding, birthday, upcoming holiday party – there are countless occasions where we realize that we need to lose weight in a short period of time.

Those following the Military Diet get fast results, which is one of the main attractions that keep people motivated when on this diet. Seeing results first-hand makes it all the moreMilitary Diet Results appealing to stick to it in order to gain further results. Plus the fact that the diet is based on a three days of actually dieting, it is much shorter than other diet plans.

The fact that salts, sugars and carbohydrates are featured in this diet makes it much easier for those struggling with weight loss, as you won’t find yourself at the mercy of withdrawals from all of your favorite foods.

Put it this way, what diet can you enjoy a daily dosage of ice cream?

That’s not to say the Military Diet is a walk in the park, far from it. You need to want to lose weight, and the fact that you can get results very fast helps people stick to it. The diet doesn’t need to be a long term commitment, but rather, a means to lose weight quickly and effectively, making it particularly popular with people whose weight fluctuates regularly, or for binge eaters who want to address recent weight gains.

What is the Military Diet?

The golden question – what exactly is the Military Diet?

Simply put, the Military diet is a simple to follow diet plan that allows you the potential to lose up to ten pounds of weight in just one week. Military Diet Plan

No diet pills, no surgeries, no buying speciality foods. A plain and easy to follow diet plan that doesn’t cost beyond a penny extra of what you would normally spend. The Military Diet is specially designed to feature food types that react in  a way that helps to promote the body’s natural ability to burn fat, increase the metabolism, and lose weight fast.

The food present in this diet can be found in most kitchens, and the diet plan itself is laid out in a simple way. You will receive precise instructions for what to eat for three days. Follow these and you are well on your way to losing as much as ten pounds in 3 days!

How Does the Military Diet Work?

So how exactly does the Military Diet work?

The two main components of the Military Diet are the specific foods that you eat, and a strong willpower to want to succeed.

It’s really that easy.3 day Military diet works

It’s a simple diet plan to follow, and the fact that you have three days in which you need to do so makes it very manageable – if you don’t want to sacrifice three days of eating junk for the potential to lose up to ten pounds, then you really don’t want to lose the weight enough!

Each food is specially chosen for its relatively low calories, as well as having protein, carbs and fats that interact in a special way. These foods help to kick-start your body into action, allowing it to efficiently lose weight in a very short time frame by making your body burn fat faster.

Greatly increasing the amount of water you drink is also an important aspect of this diet as it will help flush your body of toxins. It contains no calories and it can help suppress your appetite.

Again, the Military Diet plan lasts for just  three days, so the four days off makes sure your metabolism maintains this high work rate instead of slowing down, which is a side-effect of many other diets.

On the four days that you are not following the diet plan, it is advised that you continue to consume fewer calories than normal. But seeing as this is still relatively high compared to many other diets (1500 calories per day) it shouldn’t leave you starving for the duration of the diet, which can be a great help for many people.

Is the Military Diet Safe?

One of the biggest concerns regarding a new diet they are unfamiliar with is just how safe it is. Well the Military Diet plan is very much a safe diet with no concerns to your health caused from this diet. Is the military diet for me

As it is a form of intermittent fasting, you will feel hungry for the three days of dieting, which is a component of all diets – you need to create a calorie deficit to lose weight after all, which means cutting back on the amount you eat! The fact you get to revert to a normal sized diet for four days.

So aside of feeling hungry and becoming a bit grumpy because of this, there is no safety concerns to worry about!

Anyone that is going to embark on a diet is recommended to visit a doctor first, just to be extra sure that your body will be able to handle this type of diet. Individual health issues could make it difficult to maintain this diet, so if you are ever unsure, ask a medical professional.

How does the military diet work

The Military Diet Plan

The actual Military Diet plan is a simple diet plan that is to be followed for three days. There are three meals each day, and when followed correctly, your body will begin to burn its fat stores
thanks to creating a calorie deficit by eating the low calorie meals featured in the Military Diet plan.

diet food plan download

For the four days where you won’t be following the Military Diet plan, all you need to do is ensure you don’t consume more than 1500 calories and you will be just fine.

Foods featured in the three days can’t be eaten at different times of the day should you want a snack.

It cannot be stressed how simple and easy to follow this diet plan is, there is no special foods, no calorie counting, no food diaries – just follow each day as directed and you will do great and can expect the pounds to fall off fast!


The Military Diet Menu Day 1

 Breakfast  THE_MILITARY_DIET__does_it_really_work__find_out_how_much_weight_i_lost__-_YouTube
½ Grapefruit
1 Slice of Wholegrain Toast
1 Tablespoons of Peanut Butter
1 Cup of Tea/Coffee


½ Cup of Tuna (a similar lean form of protein THE_MILITARY_DIET__does_it_really_work__find_out_how_much_weight_i_lost__-_YouTube 2
is fine if you don’t like tuna)
1 Slice of Wholegrain Toast
1 Cup of Coffee/Tea (No decaf!)



3oz of meat (any meat type is fine, THE_MILITARY_DIET__does_it_really_work__find_out_how_much_weight_i_lost__-_YouTube 3
including protein substitutes) 
1 Cup of Green Beans
½ Banana
1 Small Apple
1 Cup Vanilla Ice Cream



The Military Diet Menu Day 2

THE_MILITARY_DIET__does_it_really_work__find_out_how_much_weight_i_lost__-_YouTube 4 Breakfast 
1 Egg
1 Slice of Wholegrain Toast
½ Banana



1 Cup of Cottage Cheese
1 Egg (hardboiled)
5 Saltine Crackers



THE_MILITARY_DIET__does_it_really_work__find_out_how_much_weight_i_lost__-_YouTube 6 Dinner 
2 Hotdogs (No Buns!)
1 Cup of Broccoli
½ Cup of Carrot
½ Banana
½ Cup of Vanilla Ice Cream


The Military Diet Menu Day 3

THE_MILITARY_DIET__does_it_really_work__find_out_how_much_weight_i_lost__-_YouTube 7 Breakfast 
1 Slice of Cheddar Cheese
5 Saltine Crackers
1 Small Apple



THE_MILITARY_DIET__does_it_really_work__find_out_how_much_weight_i_lost__-_YouTube 8 Lunch 
1 Egg Cooked to Your Liking
One Slice of Wholegrain Toast




 Dinner THE_MILITARY_DIET__does_it_really_work__find_out_how_much_weight_i_lost__-_YouTube 9
1 Cup Tuna
½ Banana
1 Cup of Vanilla Ice Cream


The Military Diet Results

So what is the time frame for the Military Diet results?

Well should you stick exactly to the three day diet plan; you can expect to lose as much as 10 pounds in one week. As long as you don’t overeat on your four days off (no more than 1500 calories, which is still a fair amount) and avoid drinking sugary drinks and alcohol then you can expect results very fast.

Drinking a lot of water will also help you during this diet. After your first few days you will start to notice that pounds are falling off, which can be a great motivator to make you stick to it and maybe even go for another week.

Do you want your Military Diet results to be even more impressive?

Why not try to follow it for an entire month? It is easy enough to do, simply follow the three day plan each week and you could lose as much as 30 pounds in a month! Losing a lot of weight initially can slow down the weight-loss process somewhat if you are going for a more long-term approach.

For even better Military Diet results, you can incorporate exercise to increase the pace that you are losing weight. Exercise isn’t a requirement for the Military Diet, but even performing a light workout such as a 20-30 minute walk each day can help burn calories faster. Eating fewer calories means your body will naturally burn fat reserves for energy, resulting in faster weight-loss from simply dieting.

Another way to lose even more weight would be to follow the diet for more than the three days each week. By reducing the amount of days where you are eating more, your weight loss results can happen much faster. This will be much harder though (especially if you are doing it for seven days) but the weight lost will be far higher – it all depends on how much you want to lose and how quickly you wish to lose it!


The Military Diet has a name that reflects it perfectly. It is no-nonsense, to the point and will more than likely get the job done. It’s also not for everyone, and will require a large amount of willpower to get through it.

But this is a diet, and no diet is easy, otherwise we would all be thin!

There will certainly be difficult moments in this diet, but nothing comes easy, so if you are serious about losing weight, then this diet is perfect for you.

The fact it doesn’t require exercise, follows a simple diet and is only used for three days makes it very suitable for people who don’t like the idea of strict diets and lots of exercise.

The results of the Military Diet speak for themselves. There are no hidden secrets to it, you control how much you eat and lose weight as a result of it. The reason it has become so popular and widespread is because it works. It really doesn’t take much.

If you truly want to lose weight fast and with minimal effort, then the Military Diet Plan is for you!

The Military Diet
Co-Founder and CEO of 4HealthResults.com, Alex Paim is also a serial entrepreneur with focus on health and well being.


  1. Well brother I really like that explanation about this great product I definitely would like to try it please send me some more info about it Thanks

  2. Wow! What a great article! I have done the Military Diet before and was able to lose 5lbs in 3 days. It’s definitely great for someone wanting to kickstart their weight loss.. For the longer term tho, I would recommend the Ketogenic diet for its health benefits, etc.

    Thanks Alex for the great reviews on this site.. I like reading about the different products available on the market today and your point of view!

    • Thanks Gina! This is for sure a diet for people to kickstart their weight loss. Its fairly easy to follow and it does not require you to cool a lot, or invest any money on other products. I personally would not do it for a long period of time because its not a pretty healthy diet (although i am not a nutritionist or an expert in the area). Thanks for your input!

      • I definitely understand that you shouldn’t do this type of diet for a long period of time but after my 3 days of the diet I am going to incorporate some of what I eat during the 3 day diet into my regular eating plan. This will definitely help me keep the weight off. I have been on this diet for only 1 day and I am starting my 2nd day now. I have already lost 2lbs! I do go to the gym and I get on the elliptical for only 20 minutes and then I work my lower and upper body with weights mildly. This is what I do every other day. This will help me keep the weight off. I only need to lose 15-20lbs and tone my body more. I am very excited!!!! Thank you!!!

    • Hi Juanita.. I will tell you what I did, and what my is doing. So.. I would not recommend you to stay on the Military Diet for a long period of time because you need to eat healthy (other nutrients).
      What we did is to kick start it and lose a few pounds quick, and then begin on the Ketopia 10 Day Reset Program. If you can’t afford to purchase the product, I would highly recommend you to at least get into the Ketogenic diet that has produced amazing results for people.

      Here are some of the posts for you to check it out:

      Ketopia – https://4healthresults.com/ketopia/

      Ketogenic Diet – https://4healthresults.com/ketogenic-diet-plan/

      I hope it helps… Please keep me updated on your journey!

  3. Hi I want to do this diet. Am allow to add lemon to my water, do eat everyday at the same time, and can I drink y detox tea. Thanks

    • Hi Gracie.. I personally did not add anything because I wanted to see the results i would get with this diet. But if I was doing it again, I probably would add some and drink tea.

  4. On Day 2 Lunch instead of eating the lunch can i Eat 4 hard boiled eggs and the crackers with a small apple? or would that ruin the diet

  5. I would love to try this my only issue will be keeping up my weight loss after finishing it. I’m just scared that I’ll gain it all back. How would u recommend keeping it off?? And instead of regular water can it be lemon water?

    • Hi Aline (My daughter’s name is Alynne – 🙂 )
      I hear you about being afraid of gaining it back.. thats why i say this diet is just to kick start your weight loss journey.

      I went through once, and then started on the Ketogenic Diet (which i highly recommend). The thing is to make a lifestyle change where you exercise and eat healthy, this way you don’t go back eating the way you used to before. What I do is portion control, and exercise as much as i can.

      Here are some of the posts for you to check it out:

      Ketopia – https://4healthresults.com/keto

      Ketogenic Diet – https://4healthresults.com/keto

      Good luck!

  6. I accidentally had the banana for breakfast today (day 1) instead of for supper. Can I expect to see optimal results anyway if I keep up the diet to the end?

  7. Im getting ready to start this tomorrow but I read about it on another article, nd theres somethings that are different so which one should I follow? Also day 3 breakfast there is a egg in the picture but it doesnt say to have a egg so its confusing.

  8. Hi I’m on the military diet I’ve lost 1 stone 1lb in 2 1/2 weeks but I struggle on the four days off it can you do 3 days then two off then 3 days on so on

  9. Hi, I would like to start on with this diet. I take medication for my hypothyroid. Can I expect the same results as others during the diet period? I hardly loose weight because of my health. Pls suggest.

  10. I tried it. Awful, but it worked; I dropped 7.5 lbs. We’ll see how much of it sticks. I disagree with the author that these foods are likely to interact in any “special” way. It is most likely just a rigidly, cripplingly low calorie diet. I might work in a day of the same calorie counts here and there to keep myself on track occasionally but I wouldn’t do it for three days again and I would replace the foods with all lean proteins.

    The calorie count is so low that at least for me it was debilitating; I wasn’t really able to concentrate meaningfully on anything and I had little motivation. Basically all your doing is dieting.

    I certainly would not recommend this as a longer term way to lose weight. I’m not a doctor but I would be wary of the effect of sling-shotting your body with quasi starvation over and over. I can’t imagine that is very healthy.

  11. I am on day 2 of this diet and when I started yesterday I weighed myself in the morning and I started at 131.8. i followed the directions to a T I only drank water all day and no alcohol, I woke up and weighed myself this morning and i was 132.6 ….. How in the heck did I GAIN weight ??? Is this normal ? eating this cottage cheese is the hardest thing to do I dont want it to be for no reason / Sherrie

    • HI Sherrie.. First off.. I know that we are completely locked in at paying attention to the scale.. i was too. There maybe a few factors to consider. One – make sure your scale is an “old school” one that has a needle on it. I find that the digital ones tend to mess with your head a bit.

      Also, as much as you want to see results from one day to the next it sometimes takes staying the course to see the results. I would recommend to track it but not panic. Give yourself until the end of this diet to see what results you get. If they are positive do it again, if it’s not your cup of tea then find something else that may work better for you.

      Just want to encourage you to stay committed to achieving the results you want no matter how long it may take. Cheers!

  12. I’ve been on this diet for 3 days and have lost 4 lbs.! I’m very happy with my results. I’m surprised that some of the meals actually fill me up. I plan on continuing this diet and using meal suggestions from their 1500 calorie meal plans. I can’t wait to see my results after 1 month!!!

    • WOW!!! Thats exciting Rachillsplace!!! Yes, when Alex Paim went through this diet he was also so surprised that the meals actually filled him up as well. Way to go!!! We are cheering for you.. please continue to share your results with us!

  13. I just started yesterday morning and I’m down 2 pounds! This diet is crazy! It work so quick and perfectly (: I’m 240 as of right now and I’m trying to get down too 200 by the end of summer, hopefully I can do this !

  14. Last year a friend and I decided we’d give it a try. I found it extremely hard! She pushed me to do it, but I lost 9 pounds in 3 days! I was super excited. I’m going to give it another try !

  15. I’m a big coffee drinker!! Am I ok to drink coffee anytime I want, or do I have to stick strictly to the amount in this diet?

  16. It was so easy to follow that I thought there is no way I have lost any weight…Surprise surprise I lost 8 and 1/2 pounds… I didn’t do any exercise….I did walk though for an hour each day as a part of my daily routine….

  17. When substituting 1/2 cup of tuna for chicken almonds or peanuts do you still do 1/2 cup??
    Also when substituting 3oz of meat what kind of beans can you use to substitute and do you do 3 Oz’s of those beans?

  18. I’ve asked once already and still havent gotten an answer!!

    When substituting 1/2 cup of tuna for chicken almonds or peanuts do you still do 1/2 cup??
    Also when substituting 3oz of meat what kind of beans can you use to substitute and do you do 3 Oz’s of those beans?

    • When subbing, you don’t necessarily match the quantity because the calories are what’s most important. Come as close as you can counting those.

  19. Is it okay to chew sugarless gum?
    Also I work graveyard shift. Would my breakfast technically be right before I leave for work, which is around 9 PM? Then my lunch would be at around 3 AM and dinner would be like 8 AM.

    • I work the grave shift also. When I do this, I eat breakfast before I leave for work. Lunch on my break. Dinner a couple hours after I get home. Hope that helps.

    • You’re not allowed artificial sweeteners, such as are in sugar-free gum and candy. You could probably locate a gum using stevia online, though.

  20. I personally did the diet a couple of weeks ago and lost 5.4lbs, and lost an additional 2lbs over the next couple days after I completed the diet. I must admit it takes a lot of WILL POWER, but it’s worth it. I restarted the diet today, & so far it has been a good day. The ice cream for dinner is a reward. Lol.

  21. I didn’t know you were supposed to replace the grapefruit with baking powder! I ate two small slices of oranges instead of the grapefruit- will I still lose as much weight as I can? This might be an odd question but I’m not sure.

    • Baking soda, not powder.

      “Some people can’t eat grapefruit because it interferes with medication. Other people just don’t like the taste. Do not substitute orange for grapefruit – oranges will create the opposite effect. To get the same Military Diet benefits as grapefruit, put 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink it. Alternatively, you can squeeze the juice of the grapefruit and add Stevia. Other than that, there isn’t really a grapefruit substitute.”

  22. Great review!
    I have been on the Military diet for about two months and have lost 27 lbs. I don’t always follow the 1500 calories a day on off days but I make smarter choices when eating, like cutting out refined sugars and too much fried food. I have also been going to the gym for cardio and weights the last month. I’m very happy with this diet mostly because its very easy to follow. One question I have is about substitutions. I usually substitute a cup of milk for the eggs, as is allowed in the substitutions section. But an egg is 75 calories and a cup of whole milk is 150. Anyone know if this is a typo and I should be having only half a cup?

  23. Hello, I was wondering if there are certain times of the day to eat each meal? If not, should there be a certain amount of time between each meals?

  24. If i were to want to do the diet past the three days what would I eat? Would i just start the diet over on day 4?

  25. Do you lose muscle or fat on this diet? I’m currently following a weight training programme to get lean muscle but want to lose some belly fat fast. Would this diet suit me?

  26. Hi, I would like to ask some questions before I start this diet. What would happen if I were to re-start the diet. Lets say I start it on a Monday, ended on Wednesday, but started again Thursday and ended Saturday, then ate under 1500 calories on Sunday. Would this maximize how much weight I could lose, or would this ruin it? Also, would it be safe to do this two times like I mentioned in a row? Thanks!

    • When your body is in a calorie deficit you will lose weight. This diet is high in protein so you lose fat rather than muscle. So you can do this everyday without a break until you reach your goal. Mentally it might be beneficial to have a cheat day.

  27. I’m 16 years old and I am overweight. I saw this diet on youtube and decided to give it a try. My first day was not perfect, I discovered the coffee was not good black and the tuna was bland, and the cottage cheese was not my favorite consistency, but I found a way around the blandness. For your coffee, add around 1 spoonful of Stevia, a dash of Apple Pie Spice, and a pinch of cinnamon, and it is delicious (but not on the last sip, wash that out). For tuna, your going to use 0 calorie, 0 fat, 0 carb non-stick spray on a frying pan. Then sprinkle in some cajun miracle seasoning, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper. Fry until slightly brown. Tastes like chicken. For the cottage cheese, I looked it up and you can substitute it for ricotta cheese. I lost 6 pounds my first 3 days and I’m going to continue this diet until I am fit again.

  28. I am interested in trying this 3 day plan to give my “diet/lifestyle” a boost. Here’s my question: For those who engage in strenuous physical activity regularly, should they increase their portion size or add a protein shake on those days? For example, I teach cycling classes multiple times a week, and I have tried low-calorie plans before. My symptoms then included low BGL, headache, dizziness, nausea, extreme weakness and tremors. Just wondering what you recommend on days when a person may burn 700+kcals. Thank you.

  29. Hi ,if i continue this diet for 2 weeks regulary and also do some workout ,does it will effect my body ? coz i wanna lose weight so fast plz tell any recommandation thank u in advance !

  30. I just started this diet this morning! I’m very excited and plan to journal my thoughts and feelings throughout so I can share with friends my experiences 🙂

  31. I just started the diet yesterday. Unfortunately, my cravings are intense. Nonetheless I’mean hanging in there and resisting the urge to dig into popcorn and/ or the rest of the vanilla ice cream. I’ll return on Saturday to report my weight after completing the 3 day diet. I’m actually considering doing the diet Monday through Friday and taking off on Saturday and Sunday.

  32. I have done this diet a couple of time now and it DOES work. I just started it again today. The hardest part is getting through the days off…you aren’t being told what to eat so it’s REAL easy to over eat! It’s all about willpower and the true desire to lose weight and take it seriously.

  33. i have been doing the military diet every week for about 3 months and on the other days eating sensibaly but still even having mcdonalds and pizza every week i have managed to loose 3 and a half stone it just shows if you have the motivation you can do it but you have to stick too it i didnt do it exacly like i didnt eat the vegtables but i have nearly lost 4 stone which i am so proud of doing ive always wanted to loose weight my whole life and ive tried soooo many diets and i am soooo fucking happy that this has acctually worked! btw i was 14 stone and i am now 10 stone 5 pounds in kg i was 90kg and im not 66kg if your thinking about doing this and you want too loose stones i would say DEFINALTLY do this diet its amazing!!!

  34. I really want to try this , If I’m overweight (296pds) should I change anything after the 3 days ? should I increase my calorie intake of 1500? or follow the same?

  35. How long am I supposed to do the diet for? I was thinking I would do this for 3 months with exercise, then I change my diet and continue with the workout. Can I have some tips on weight loss?

  36. The thing I loved about this diet is the fact that I can still drink my favorite breakfast beverage – coffee! Most diet eliminate coffee and I was happily surprised that this diet recommends coffee. I even took great pains to scout the web and look for more resources which I found at http://3daysmilitarydiet.com/faq/coffee-during-diet.html

    Thanks for this wonderful review Alex! It helped me and my friends jumpstart our diet plan. Very informative!

  37. Hi leave been on this diet for two days, keeping strictly to it, but have only lost half a pound! I don’t understand why l have lost that small amount, is everyone telling fibs that they have lost so much?

  38. My post seems to have disappeared, l have been on the diet for 2 days and have only lost half a pound, l have stuck to it strictly so why not great Loss?

    • I lost 1 pound after three days on the Diet! Why did this not work for Me? I stuck to it strictly and did other deviate. What would be the Reason?

      • Hi Barbara.. people react differently to different diets. Now.. 1lbs in 3 days is not something to through away. A normal and healthy weight loss is 2lbs a week. Try a few of the other diets we review on this site and see what results you get. Just don’t loose focus of achieving your weight loss goals.

  39. Day 3 Breakfast…it doesn’t say you get an egg, but there’s an egg on the plate in the picture. Do I get the egg or not?

    P.S. I really hope I get the egg.

  40. Hi, I have a question? For breakfast on day 3, I notice on the picture you have an egg but on the list, its not included.
    What do I do?

  41. Thank you for this post. I have started Day 1 today and I don’t find it very challenging so far, which is a plus. Is it feasible to do the diet continuously for 3 days a week (without exercise) and then resume a fuller but reasonably healthy eating habit for 4 days (with exercise)? And is there training plan that could supplement the 4 off days?

  42. I am on the last stretch of my 3rd day, still have my ice cream to eat. Before starting this diet I was extremely skeptical. First offew, I was worried that the amount of food or lack there of was going to leave me feeling hungry, weak and tired. I am also a horrible caffeine addict who wasn’t looking forward to the withdrawal headaches. I have tried other diets in the past and got results but not enough to keep my motivation. I’m not going to lie to you and say these past 3 days have been easy. It definitely took every ounce of will power and I’m looking forward to eating my 1500 calories tomorrow. Iweighed myself this morning (keep in mind this would have been the morning of day 3) and to my surprise I have lost 5.2lbs! However, not only have I lost weight it has really chanted my way of thinking. I am using MyFitnessPal in conjunction with the 3 Day Military Diet to simply help plan my meals for days 4-7. This diet has introduced structure into my eating and has helped me better plan what I am having. Day 1 was rough due to the lack of caffeine even though we can have 2 cups of coffee that day but I didn’t feel hungry at all. In fact, throughout my 3 days I haven’t felt hungry at all. It was more of my craving for the fatty unhealthy food I was so use to eating before. I have been able to sleep better and I still have energy to take on my day as a full time working mom. The ice cream at dinner was my saving grace. I always get a sweet tooth at night so I would eat my dinner right when I got home and after relaxing for a bit just when my sweet tooth would kick in I’d have my ice cream. It was just enough to satisfy my craving. I’m planning on hitting round 2 next week just as hard. Good luck to the rest of you who are doing this! I hope you get as great results as I have. It’s so rewarding to feel like you’ve pushed yourself beyond want you thought you could do and accomplished what you set your mind to!

  43. Just started the diet today. Only I’m going to try and shoot for a 30 day version of this instead of 3 days on and four off. It’s Friday September 2nd, as I write this I weigh in at 277. Will come by every Friday with an update on how this goes.

  44. I was 197 and by doing this diet I’m 187 now I’m so happy I just continue eating the same food I was eating for the diet I’m wondering if I’m going to loose the 30 pounds in one month by eating the same food

  45. hello there. ive been doing this diet for almost 4 months already. i started at 62 kgs and as of the moment i weigh 54 kgs. i weighed the same for almost a month now and ive been thinking of another diet because its not working anymore. i thought this diet would be great for longer time but it seems that it is not. i am going to try ketogenic diet. i wish i could do better.

  46. I dont eat more than 150 calories a day for now. If i start the military diet will i gain weight or lose weight because its like 1500 calories?

    • how is it possible that you only eat 150 cals a day….the only time i think i was able to have 150 cals a day was maybe being on the lemonade diet

  47. Hello,
    So I started the diet today and am starving lol. It doesn’t help that I workout a lot and burned about 600-700 cal today so I’m feeling weak. Anything recommend, an extra egg, fruit something ?

  48. So after posting last week that I would do this diet for the 30 days, i’ve stuck with it and after 8 days , I only dropped one pound. To me this diet is a joke. Not only did I stick with it all week, I did my daily 2 hours of exercise. There’s tons of diets where you lose a lot more weight without having to starve yourself. This isn’t a solid diet and I wouldn’t recommend it. You can eat 3 full meals a day and lose weight with other diets. This one does nothing.

  49. Just like any caloric deficit diet it works on cutting calories! There is no scientific proof that these combination of foods do anything different than any other REDUCED caloric deficit food combinations do. It’s too drastic of a dietary change to be sustainable and I guarantee if you include VIGOROUS exercise your energy level will deplete from a lack of glycogen and the fact you’re eating bread a vegetables will keep you out of ketosis, your body depending on weight and exercise level will go into hibernation mode and you will experience minimal results. A 200lb man and a 120 woman do not have the same caloric needs. This diet is claiming 1 size fits all which is a load of crap. I MEAN CRAP!!

  50. Hi, since Im caffeine addict, can I drink coffee as much as I usually drink or beverage is strictly limited to water and amount of coffee prescribed in the diet?

  51. decided to start dieting last week and have been eating healthy and trying to meet my macros of protein fat and carbs and limiting to 1000cals a day. Im 64kg and 157cm (hard to admit) and the past few days have made no difference to my weight and I ran into this military diet and I started my first day today. Im feeling kind of bloated and I want to seem hopeful and even if lose 1 kg to start off with id be happy. There arent many active forums on this diet this seems to still have one or two posts so hopefully will motivate us all and we can all share our success stories.

    • Morning of the 4th day. Losses 2.5kg so about 6lbs. Im not getting too excited knowing that this is mostly water weight…I have been doing 10-20 mins of light exercise a day. I had no substitutes this week thinking to not deviate if the original menu claims for some to have loss 10lbs. However not easy to find low fat substitutes was looking for low fat peanut butter…not many choices where I am all just original. I think I will stick with the ice cream rather than yoghurt was nice having that as a treat especially on the third day.

      • ok think its been a month now…ive lost 6kgs. in a bit of a plateau. although ive lost a significant amount of weight for my size but i dont notice clothes fitting more nicely. I will take a break over the festive season and might start again.

  52. Good evening, I have been accompanying whenever I can work in America.
    Congratulations for the beautiful presentation of the military diet product.
    My congratulations and much success!
    I’m sorry for my poor English.

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